Thundercat – Off Main St.

Brainfeeder man, bass player Thundercat has dropped a new album, Apocalypse, which is doing it for a lot of people, me included. His tribute to Austin Peralta, keyboard wiz’ and label mate who recently passed away, is as one would expect, delicate and touching, a beautiful thing, as it moves into clockwork like a heartbeat with exploratory fretwork nailing down the sentiment. Not content to hide behind the bass, our man steps to the microphone, passing on messages conveying a faith that is beyond a book.

A documentary series called Off Main St. opens the door on what and who is Thundercat.

Flying Lotus – The Daily Swarm Interview / Video for Erykah Badu

The Daily Swarm is run by a former Virgin collegue, Todd Roberts. He’s hip to it, believe. He’s been the editor at Urb, did An’R for Astrawlwerks and Virgin. Twice today i’ve checked some stuff on the ‘net and Todd’s there. Here now again, he sits down with Flying Lotus to shine the light on the man and his work. Enter via the click

This is the latest work from FlyLo, a video for Erykah Badu, ‘Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long’.