Ear Con 54 – Back4Another1

Ear Con54 – Back4Another1

Beaming and streaming via Sunhole tonight at 22h00 GMT and eFM Studentski Radio Sarajevo on Friday, as part of the Magic Show, hosted by my man Emil.

New isht from Shackleton with a King Midas Sound touch on the remix tip, Susheela Raman, Mophono with Flying Lotus, Daedelus with Tokimonsta in tow.  Reso brings me up to date with what’s happening in the drum and bass world with his ‘War Machine’.   San Fran’ resident, Dub Gabriel  has been busy busy with the Jajouka Soundsystem, which features the Master musicians of Jajouka and David J, yes he of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets.

Also with the package, Super 3 feat. Hodgy Beats, and Casey Veggies Feat. Tyler Creator from the Odd Future Tape of 2009.  Still kickin’ it.

Oh yeah, and we got Justin Bieber, El-P, Sa Ra Creative Partners and Howlin’ Wolf.

Parental Advice before listening is recommended


Destroy this blog…no, not this one!

One of my fav’ San Fran residents, Dub Gabriel has lit the fuse on a new blog letting those that care what is pon de stereo over yonder, who is doing what, how you can get it, where to put it, what is costs. Simple.

While your at it, check for Luv n’ Liv, featuring the legendary U-Roy, with remixes by Timeblind, Lloop, Subatomic vs. Ming, and DG himself.

Ear Conditioning / Transmission 6

This is how we do for this week’s transmission.  I’ll put links in to some of the artists later, time to go for a walk before the rains start again.
  • Gil Scott-Heron – On Coming from a Broken Home (XL)
  • Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here (XL)
  • Gonja Sufi – Ancestors (Warp)
  • Sufian Husayn – The U.N. Plan (Rapster)
  • Obba Supa – 2am but not
  • Nochexxx featuring Sensational – Smashing your System
  • Debruit – Changement
  • Flyng Lotus – 1983 / Daedelus Odd Party Dance Remix (Plug Research)
  • Slugabed – Slugabed Says….
  • Profisee and Emprom – Zoning / RVLT Remix
  • Martyn featuring The Spaceape – Is This Insanity? / Ben Klock Mix (3024)
  • Dub Gabriel featuring U-Roy – Luv n’ Liv / Timeblind Mix (Destroy All Concepts)
  • Martyn – Brilliant Orange / Illim Sphere No. 14 Mix (3024)
  • Sculpture – Rainbow Ink
  • Cannibal Ox / Scream Phoenix (Def Jux)
  • William S. Burroughs – The Cut Up Technique

This transmission will be in online at Sunhole tonight at 22h00, and will float in the atmosphere via Radio Norte on the frequency 89.4FM, next week  Tuesday at 21h00 and Saturday at 20h00

Transmission 5 – Hear Me

Plenty in the pot tonight, starting with Vilayat Khan from the Film India album that he shares with Ravi Shankar.

More from Shafiq Husayn, Paul White, Dr. No’s Ethiopium, a new joint from Dub Gabriel with U-Roy;  Massive Attack with longtime collaborator Horace Andy; Rap newness from Profisee and Emprom; Bottom end movers from Cessa, who I don’t think bother a myspace page/website, they just throw their energy into their music; Some old joints from the 1983 album of Flying Lotus, one featuring the suave vocals of Laura Darlington aka Mrs. Daedelus, who will be on his new album due in a few months…..uh, got word today of a full album to come from Manusa, who are part of CIAfrica.  Word via the keyboard/screen is that DJ/rupture is working on a mixtape for them too.  In the meanwhile soak up the Manusa tune here, or download the CIAfrica History 3 via the above link.

Hyperdub kick of the new decade in fifth gear, courtesy of DVA, and the link strengthens with Zomby having a go at Martyn’s ‘Hear Me’.

My man Scalper has a new website up and running to check it for the goods, click up dis.

For the program, tune in via Sunhole, tonight at 22h00, or if next week suites you better sir, go to Radio Norte, which are one week behind in terms of transmitting the program, meaning you can catch last weeks program tonight at 21h00.

Until next time, PEace.

  1. Vilayat Khan – Fire Dance (Él Records)
  2. Shafiq Husayn – Intro_ Electra (Rapster)
  3. Shafiq Husayn – All Dead (Rapster)
  4. Paul White – An illusion interlude (One Handed Music)
  5. Paul White – Dream State /Dam Tales (One Handed Music)
  6. Manusa – Combinasions (CIAfrica)
  7. Muslimgauze vs. Rootsman – Mecca
  8. Dr. No’s Ethiopium – Excalibur (Stones Throw)
  9. Dr. No’s Ethiopium – Butta (Stones Throw)
  10. Dub Gabriel featuring U-Roy – Luv ‘n Liv  (Destroy All Concepts)
  11. Massive Attack featuring Horace Andy – Girl I Love You / She is Danger remix  (Virgin)
  12. Martyn – Hear Me / Zomby mix (3024)
  13. DVA – Natty (Hyperdub)
  14. Cessa – Question (Missing Link Sounds)
  15. Profisee and Emprom – Zoning / RVLT Remix (Cloak & Dagger)
  16. Bullion – Say Goodbye to What (One Handed Music)
  17. Flying Lotus – Shifty (Plug Research)
  18. Naggo Morris – Flour Power (Barcelona Raval Sessions)
  19. Scalper – Threepointonefour (Border Music)
  20. Flying Lotus featuring Laura Darlington – Unexpected Delights (Plug Research)
  21. Public Enemy -Final Count Of The Collision Between Us And The Damned (DefJam)