JJ Doom

“It’s really hot but it’s got air-conditioning,” says Doom, when asked if his mask might make things a bit stuffy on a hot day like today. “It sits a little bit away from my face,” he adds, and this is important because it means he can still drink beer during the interview. “That,” he adds with a chuckle, “is the main thing.”

In the lead up to the release of the album Keys to the Kuffs from Jneiro Jarel and DOOM, the Guardian’s Paul Lester gets time  with MetalFace himself.
Read more here. You can stream the whole album too, it’s out on Monday.  Big up Jneiro on the beats!

Bite the Thong!

Update: Fact Magazine got an interview with Doom too.

Ear Con 47 – Strike!

Beat labs are in full swing, came across some newness from Souleance, who is also known as Fulgeance, a beatmaker from Paris. Passarinho is kinda on the Jneiro Jarel Brazillian tip, lovely smooth vocals over a steady groove, luscious comes to mind.

A compilation of beatmakers fron Russia has arrived courtesy of Finest Ego.  I maybe behind the curve, but this cat Pavel Dovgal has got some weapons, glad to know of him.  I also pulled Long Arm from the same compilation for an outing today.

Martyn may have appeared to have gone underground, but he’s in the midst of his next album which is due to surface next year.  We have the first taste of the new gear with a single on his 3024 imprint.  Out now, two tracks, Left Hander and Shook Up.  Bass music with that Detroit Techno pad smoothness.

Contender for track title of the year.  Consider, Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Directly Outside of Gates.  That’s a track that didn’t make the final cut to El-P’s instrumental WeareallgoingtoburninHellMegaMixx3.  It’s cop’able here.

A  crew that is on a similar beat path is Odd Future.  Great to see some offkey warped beats and lyrically absurd donuts coming out of Watts, LA.

“Try talking on the blog with your fucking arms cut off.”

Back in 1984, the UK was gripped by a fierce fight between the government of that bitch Margaret Thatcher,  and the coal miners.  The police got used by the state to do the governments dirty work, and the many parts of the media did their best to help her.  On the other side, communities that were to be affected by the closing of mines in the UK received help from all quarters.  Many musicians did what they could.  From Test Department collaborating with the  South Wales  Striking Miners Choir and releasing an album to raise funds.  Billy Bragg, The Redskins, etc. did their bit too.  Under the name The Enemy Within,  drummer Keith LeBlanc got in on the action to produce Strike, along side Adrian Sherwood.  At the time, using vocal samples wasn’t as common as it became, these guys were ahead of the curve.

If hear that sweet voice that is Horace Andy, then you know you’ve found us…..

Ear Conditioning 47 – Strike!

Transmission Time/Dates:

Tonight at Sunhole 22h00 GMT

Friday at 18h00 CET via eFM / Student Radio Sarajevo

  • Horace Andy & Naggo Morris / Heart is Gone (Wackies)
  • Horace Andy & Naggo Morris / Heart Dubwise (Wackeis)
  • Carl Bradley / Slipping into Darkness
  • The Enemy Within / Strike!
  • Pavel Dovgal / Is On Fire
  • Souleance / Passarinho (First Word)
  • Martyn / Left Hander (3024)
  • Mizz Beatz Sactuary (Eglo)
  • Earl / Couch featuring Ace Creator
  • El-P / Lab Rat Bravely Escapes On Hovercraft Only To Crash Directly Outside of Gates
  • Sunn O))) / It Took The Night To Believe (Southern Lord)
  • Pixies / U-Mass (4AD)
  • Parliament / Funky Woman (Invictus)
  • DJ Vadim / Terrorist – GasLamp Killer Remix (Ninja Tune)
  • Long Arm / The Roots (Finest Ego)
  • DOOM / Green Whore Net
  • Samiyam / Catch Me Riding Dirty

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 8 / Living in Small Spaces

Ear Conditioning / Living in Small Places

Gotta be brief, the potaje (Canarian stew) is on the stove, and I’m salivating like Pavlov’s Dog.

Check out Debruit.  The monies from his Spatio Temporel EP are being donated to Haiti Relief.  The beats are good too!

When lining up the program for this week, I took the Faust CD of the shelf, put it in the thing, and pressed play.  When the sound came out the speakers I thought I had put in a Flying Lotus track that I’d never heard of by mistake.

The Playgroup contribution is the original Playgroup, not the Trevor Jackson Playgroup, but the Playgroup that was made up of Adrian Sherwood, Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah, Bruce Smith, George Oban and Style Scott.

iTunes think that people that buy the Gazzillion Ear EP by Doom will be offended by the word ‘whore’ so it appears as Green W**** Net when you purchase it from the site.

Fujako is fucked up and so is Dälek.

Leroy Young, The Grandmaster is not, but what he talks about is, at times.

  • Doudou N’daiye Rose – Saber Saf Sap (Virgin France)
  • Filastine – Discontinuities  / Cardopusher remix of Singularities (Post World Industries)
  • Ras G + The Afrikan Space Program – Veggie Burrito  (Brainfeeder)
  • Faust – Just A Second (Virgin)
  • Doom – Gazzilion Ear / Dave Sitek & Jneiro Jarel Remix (Lex)
  • Doom – The Green Whore Net (Lex)
  • Samiyam – Moon Shoes (Hyperdub)
  • Playgroup – Squeek Squawk (On-U Sound)
  • Artist Unknown vs. Aphex Twin – Dublicker (mpfree)
  • Leroy Young – Nothing but love  (StoneTree)
  • Dub Colossus – Negus Dub (Real World)
  • Bonjay – Faat Gyal
  • Debruit – Nigerian What (Civil Music)
  • Dorian Concept – Be Tween
  • Fujako – Sulphur Goat (Wordsound)
  • Flying Lotus – Sangria Spin Cycles (Do-Over)
  • Dälek – Classical Homicide (Ipecac)

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be broadcast on Sunhole tonight at 22h00, and Radio Norte next week Tuesday,21h00 and Saturday  20h00