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Mazes to the Motherlode: Brandon Locher


I used to fret about making mixtapes, anyone that makes them knows the deal about having to repeatedly start again due to an error committed along the way, such as the volume too high, something turned down, off, a missed cue point, take 56, uff, enough already! I stopped fretting once I remembered it’s supposed to be fun. This selection covers nuff nuff in less than thirty minutes.  Fresh jams from Mutamassik, who came out with her new work Monday past, ‘Symbols Follow’.  It’s heavy heavy, her hardcore roots are not hidden, she is a minor threat indeed.  Last week I had a session on the beach in Santa Cruz, por fin.  Was looking forward to dropping the DRC tune, and it worked like a dream.  A lot of other joints from that session are included here, you are just missing the sand, don’t let that put you off.  Gotta give props to Patrick de Groote who organizes the Sfinks Festival.  It was through that festival I saw Máximo Jimenéz, a Colombian vallenato singer, a singer of the pueblo, of the people, he had to leave Columbia quick quick, to live in exile.  The truth damn near got him killed. Must get an update on his whereabouts.  Right, work to do.  PEace.

Ear Raid

Quincy Jones: Jazz Corner of the World

JJ DOOM: Waterlogged (Lex)

Mutamassik: Ke Nin Kai  (Discrepant)

DRC Music: We come from the Forest feat. Bokatola System

El Mahdy Jr. & Gulls: Disco Maghreb (Boomarmnation)

Rabit: Bloody Eye (Tri Angle)

Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force: Yermande (with Mbene Diatta Seck)

Moderat: Seamonkey (BPitch Control)

Salome de Bahia: Batucada Fantastica (Yellow)

Uproot Andy: El Botellon (Dutty Artz)

Máximo Jimenéz: La Gente de Mongteria (Alegre Cumbion)

DJ Premier: Come With Me Now (Skit)

DigitalDubs feat. Duda Do Boreal: O Cemela Vacilou (Man Recordings)

Kahn: Abattoir (dmz)

The Bug feat. Flowdan: Black Rain (Ninja Tune)

Kubo: Kookoo

KingLMan: 7MWM feat. Kiki Hitomi & Count Dubulah (EarCon)

Death Grips: Government Plates (Third World)

NameBrandSound: Name Brand Ah Murdah  (Big Dada)

RP Boo: 03_02-52-03 (PlanetMu)

El-P: Instrumental No.6 (DefJux)

Vincent Price: Discussing Racism & Religious Prejudice

More on Brandon Locher, who created the image up top

Nasa, not N.A.S.A.


Spring Cleanin, it’s only now that I have come across this draft of a post that I started….uh, three years ago! 

What don’t you get with mpfreeze?  Information, that’s what.

Spending time gazing over album covers,  checking artwork, info on the producer, studio, singers and players, engineers, catering, dealers, seeing the links to other artists etc.  It’s a great thing.  Which brings me to Nasa.  The name featured on many Def Jux productions, Cannibal Ox, El-P, The Presence, Mr. Lif, to name four. He was the chief engineer for the label from 2000 to 2005.  Been wondering what this cat has been up to, and I was brought up to date.  After leaving Def Jux around 2005, he set up the label, Uncommon Music.

If progressive hip hop is your thing, hit his bandcamp, plenty to settle your nerves there, including his taking on Death Grips, get it for free.

I am not here anymore, because I am there, catching up on what he’s been doing since I initially started this post!





Ear Con81 – Four Elements

Ear Con81 – Four Elements

Mike Patton / Twin Primes (ipecac)
Walls / Vacant (kompact)
Scalper / One Friend feat. Mau (scalper music)
Death Grips / Pain Under The Blur Sky feat. Kiki Hitomi
Gonjasufi x Saviorself / The Lows – (hydroshare)
Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band / Check La Rima feat. Los Aldeanos, Danay Suarez y Silvito el Libre (brownswood)
Kuhn / Slime Beach (civil music)
Remarc / R.I.P. Phillip D. Kick‘s Footwork Jungle Edit (planet mu)
The Moody Boyz / Congotronic (boosey & hawkes)
Sepalcure / I’m Alright (hotflush)
Yojimbo Billions / Collapsed Unloaded (waaga)
Teebs / Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent – New House Version (brainfeeder/ninjatune)
Mr. Scruff / Feel It! (ninjatune)
Fatima Al Qadiri / Hip Hop Spa (uno)
Scuba / M.A.R.S. – Machinedrum Remix (!k7)

Broadcast via Sunhole tonight at 22h GMT+1, Saturday via eFM / The Magic Show 16hCET

Ear Con75 – 18 Tons

Ear Con75 – 18 Tons

Sorry I’m so brief this week, I’m bouncing to Eolica in a few hours time.  I finally got my ear mittens around some Footwork, for those that are genre hungry.  Next month the label Planet Mu drop an ep from the Ghettotechnitianz, six tracks based in house but branching out into the future with reversed acid basslines and offkey quirky shit, well that’s what got me.  DJ Earl and DJ Manny represent.

October  also sees the release of the revoiced, re-rubbed version of the King Midas Sound album, Without You.  It’s got contributions from Green Gartside, Cooly G, dBridge, Kode9 & The Spaceape, Mala, Kuedo, Ras G, Flying Lotus and more….time to catch breath.

More newness comes from Fatima riding a Floating Points production, The Moody Boyz, with an Oriental sounding production…you been digging in some crates Tony?

Dub1 / Boxing Dubplate
Burial / Dog Shelter – Essay’s Old Edit
King Midas Sound / Lost –  Heat Wave Ham Flying Lotus Remix (hyperdub)
Fatima / Mind (eglo)
The Underachievers / Brian Chase
Long Arm feat. Technical Development / Organic (project mooncircle)
The Moody Boyz / Untitled
Dolomites / In Mid-Flight (if the kids)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada
Shafiq / DNA -Splice Mix 3 (all city)
DJ Earl / Enlightenment (planet mu)
DJ Manny / All I Do (Smoke Trees) (planet mu)
Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / Alkebulan (brainfeeder)
Cutty Ranks / Who Seh Mi Dun (priority)
Calle 13 / John El Esquizoprenico – Den5hion Remix
Kalabat feat. Warrior Queen / Shooting Range (soul jazz)
Death Grips / Known For It (thirdworlds)
Danny Drive Thru / Black Gestapo (project mooncircle)

This edition of Ear Conditioning travels the airwaves 10 Sept. via eFM at 16h CET and on Tuesday 13 Sept. via Sunhole at 22h00 London/Tenerife time.

Ear Con74 – Monitor One

Alesis Monitor One’s are what sit in front of me. It is through those that I listen and learn.

They carried the bliss and bass of Krts into my brain several times since arriving in my inbox.  If dreamscape sonics of Burial and Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus are your thing, then you have another place to lie your weary bones.  Another soother is Amenta, a Toronto-born singer, that’s dropped her luscious talents with the likes of Mau’lin, Blue Daisy, Om Unit, to name three.  Next month the label First Word present ‘Sacred Places’, five tracks of beautiful experimentation. This stuff expands the beat scene into pastures fresh.

Did i mention beats?  New isht from El-P via Adult Swim, a taster from his forthcoming album which I think will be titled ‘Cure for Cancer’.

I gotta split now, heading to Rototom Festival with Adrian Sherwood and Ghetto Priest, get a taste of the Adrian control via the opener Space Movements, classic dub moving in a fresh direction, and this was over twenty years ago.

Tune in via eFM tomorrow at 16h CET, or Tuesday at 22h GMT+1 via Sunhole.

Thanks to all singers and players.

Ear Con74 – Monitor One

Creation Rebel / Space Movement 1 (on-u Sounds)
Amenta / Stormy Weather (first word)
Radiohead / Bloom
Owiny Sigoma Band / Doyoi Nyajo Nan – Quantic remix (brownswood)
Mighty Zulu Nation / Impi – Black Fist Mix
Krts / Hold On (project mooncircle)
King Midas Sound / Goodbye Girl (hyperdub)
Pritch & Trim / Stereotype (planet mu)
El-P / Drones Over Brooklyn (adult swim)
Jay Scarlett / Slide Away (project mooncircle)
Beastie Boys / Make Some Noise – The Bug Remix (capitol/emi)
Death Grips / Culture Shock (thirdworlds)
Machinedrum / TMPL (planet mu)
Krts / Hold On – Glenn Astro Remix (project mooncircle)
Slum Village / Go Ladies Beat (wordplay/virgin)

Ear Con70 – Freshly Squeezed and Stepped On

90% Fresh new goodies, people have been busy busy yo!

K-Mart turned me onto the brutally raw Death Grips, then at the other end of the spectrum we have a sample of the new album from Martyn, which will be coming out via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label.  Death Grips is brilliant, boom bap beats laced with an upfront One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest sanity vocal approach.  It’s on the edge for sure.

Finally got me mittens on the Radiohead album.  Saw a post that said they were the greatest band to walk the earth, could have a point.  Also in the pot, a ten minute excursion  from Semtek, Toddla T and Roots Manuva remixed by Sebastian….hey Sebastian,  you coulda left some of Roots’ vocals in however.

Kick things off with Marsmobil, who has a release via Compost. Marsmobil is Robert Di Giola, after hearing this new thing, I will try to keep an eye and ear on him. He’s cut his teeth working alongside the likes of Roy Ayers, Dj Hell, Brain Ferry, Henrik Schwarz, Kruder & Dorfmeister. New work, ‘Black Album’ is out next month.  What I’ve heard is a Pelahm123, psychedel-funk, 70’s vibe, adventurous and trippy.

Brothers from Ottawa, Canada,  A Tribe Called Red bring First Nation love to the bass arena – up for release pronto pronto,  their official début single, Northern Cree – Red Skin Girl (A Tribe Called Red Remix),worldwide on Masalacism Records.  A Tribe Called Red consists of two-time Canadian DMC Champion DJ Shub, DJ NDN and Bear Witness. The single is a powerful dubstep remix of the Northern Cree Singers’ Red Skin Girl, done in their unique and hard-hitting Pow Wow Stepstyle, a mix of traditional Pow Wow vocals and drumming with cutting-edge electronic music. Check their Soundcloud, plenty there for you to feast upon.

Dorian Concept, a fav around these parts gave away some remixes that me had done, I can’t find the link to pass onto you, however you may find something via his FB page.

The King Tubby contribution is from the Invasion of the Mysteron Killer Sounds compilation, put together by Stuart Baker of Soul Jazz Records, London and K-Mart aka The Bug/King Midas Sound.   If you aren’t aware of either of these guys or the Soul Jazz label, all I can is quality assured.  This 2CD package presents some of the most forward riddims coming out of JA, buffed up with contemporary channel destroyers.  Roots Manuva, Shadatek, Ward21, Dave Kelly, Prince Jazzbo, Sly an’ Christopher Birch, Steely & Clevie, South Rakkas Crew, Diplo…with me now?

Robot Ramifications EP, that’s where you will find this Native Machine track Africa, reworked by Om Unit, an esoteric exploration analogue synth driven number, bliss.

Sebastian has ripped a hell of a bitcrushing on Toddla T’s ‘Watch Me Dance’ with Roots Manuva.

Had to bring things to a smooth landing with Brenk, and a sample from his third album in three years, which drops in September. More juice on him here

Tune in tonight via  Sunhole at 22h00 London/Tenerife time to see what I’m talking about.

Ear Con70 – Freshly Squeezed and Stepped On

  • Marsmobil / Unconcious Mind Bend (Compost)
  • A Tribe Called Red / Red Skin Girl (Masalacism)
  • Death Grips / Klink
  • Dorian Concept / Game Over
  • Inverse Cinematics / 7 x 7
  • King Tubby / Fat Ting (Soul Jazz)
  • Radiohead / Little By Little
  • Radiohead / Little By Little – Caribou mix
  • Death Grips / Cut Throat
  • Raffertie / You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That (Ninja Tune)
  • Martyn / Mask (Brainfeeder)
  • Semtek / Pizza (Don’t Be Afraid)
  • Toddla T / Watch Me Dance – Sebastian Remix (Ninja Tune)
  • Native Machine / Africa (Hit and Hope)
  • Brenk / Predido (Melting Pot)
  • Future Sound of London / Papau Dub (Jumpin’ and Pumpin’)