Flying Lotus – Morning Becomes Eclectic

Tune in for some FlyLo on the Morning Becomes Eclectic program hosted by Jason Bentley at KCRW.  He drops two sets and talks about what went in, on, and through, to become the  album Cosmogramma.  He talks about his first foray into drum machines, toys, having belief  and crazy life experiences.

Check out the LA Weekly spread from last week too for further insight – Daddy Kev, Dr. Strangeloop, Brainfeeder, The Low End Theory and a whole heap more, it’s all there.

Flying Lotus / Computer Face-Being Pure

Ah ha, newness from the bea(s)tmaster. Those folks at Pitchfork must be really stroking their dicks in glee today, sons of bitches!

Suck on this premiere from the forthcoming due in May album Cosmogramma from Mr. Lotus.

Also listed are some dates that he doing around the globe….if your in London, you’ll have a Brainfeeder night on your doorstep.

I really should grow up, I know.