Ear Con 36 – Stealth Movements

The Bug being monitored

It started with me looking for a sample from the DJ Food album, ‘Recipe for Disaster’ to chuck into the set at Rollercoaster last weekend.

Then in conversation with Studio Rockers man, Tony Thorpe, he said “Chocolate Weasel, what you don’t have the album Spaghettification?  It’s on Ninja, came out about 12 years ago, surely….”  Chocolate Weasel is/was T-Power, (always remember him for the 12″ featuring  ‘Cuba’ that was on Botchit & Scarper, I think, its a white label after all) and a partner, whose name is not presently to hand. Spaghettification is a weird ahead of it’s time sample-laden beat album, that is not out of place now at all.  On a similar path at times, or at least it made me think of Prince Charming on Wordsound.

So getting  back to Ninja Tune, it didn’t stop there. The weekly free downloads promoting the massive Ninja Tune XX release, to commemorating the labels 20 years of beats and pieces came to mind – we are talking Amon Tobin, Coldcut, DJ Vadim, Squarepusher, Speech Debelle, AntiPop Consortium, Roots Manuva, Jaga Jazzist, Poirier, Mr. Scruff, and so on.  If that weren’t enough, The Bug sent a couple tracks from his new EP, soon to come via Ninja.

Around the time I was getting into Ninja Tune back in the day,   I was also coming across the work of Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze. Who is this cat that releases albums with titles like Vote Hizbollah? His reworkings of ‘Babylon’ by Unitone HiFi always crushed dancefloor residents.  When in Tokyo we  went record shopping and the selection of albums of his that they had,  tons of his releases instore, like a proper section dedicated to him.  Bryn could knock out five albums in a day easily, no joke.  That is why, many years after he prematurely passed away, you can still find new things you never knew about.  Which brings me to Babylon iz Iraq.  It’s an album of remixes of UniTone HiFi, this time, an albums worth, when I think he may have been asked to do one, but he sent nuff nuff.

This week I was able to take a break from getting seared while painting the roof, and I chose to listen to Morgan Craft’s latest work, Absence of Day and Night.  As with his partner’s productions, it’s available for free at RoughAmericana.  All the sounds on the album are made by Morgan and his guitar.  It’s layered, or gives the impression of being so, it’s works day or night, you can hear yourself think, hear the blood moving through your body, you can sense how your mind comes to decisions, it’s perfect to have as you walk across canyons, forests, taking in view, swallowing meteorites.

As usual, Ear Conditioning can be ‘eard tonight at Sunhole dot net, 22h00 GMT +1.  Repeated daily at 11h00 GMT+1

Ear Conditioning 36 – Stealth Movements

Chocolate Weasel / A Blue Furry Plughole (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel / Mientes with (Ninja Tune)
Amon Tobin / Eight Sum (Ninja Tune)
Letherete / Dance Brace (Ho Tep)
DJ Food / Scratch Yer Head (Ninja Tune)
El-P / Eat My Garbage 2 (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
El-P / He Hit Her, So She Left (Def Jux/Gold Dust)
Radiohead / The National Anthem (EMI)
The Bug featuring Flowdan / Skeng – Autechre Remix (Ninja Tune)
The Bug featuring Hitomi / Catch A Fire (Ninja Tune)
Chocolate Weasel / Coda (Ninja Tune)
Poirier featuring Burro Banton / Trust None a Dem (Ninja Tune)
Shafiq Husayn / Evil Man – Flying Lotus Remix (Plug Research)
African Head Charge – Throw It Away (On-U Sound)
UniTone HiFi – Babylon – Muslimguaze Remix (Muslimtapes)
Morgan Craft – Absence of Day and Night 9 (RoughAmericana)