Ear Con 34 – Stereo Output

It’s been too hot to be doing much moving around outside, the house captures plenty heat throughout the day, night time is welcomed with the coolness that it brings.  One of the reasons for laid back nature of todays selection.  That and because there is plenty plenty out there that needs to be shared; Art Blakey and Sabu Martinez, Saul Williams, Dudu Pukwana, Portico Quartet, and much more.  The Sakamoto/N’dour collaboration is up there in the ‘One of the most beautiful songs ever’ category.

I was fortunate to see a performance by Mary Margaret O’Hara around the time of her ‘Miss America’ album release. She captured the audience with her eclectic country-tinged songs coming through the Bakerlite radio sound, seemingly random body movements, and sheer honesty in how she is.

Ear Conditioning 34 – Stereo Output

Transmission time: 22h00 London/Tenerife time tonight at Sunhole dot net.

  • Udi Neset Bey / Setaraban Taksim – From the ‘Scratch your Heart’ compilation (Honest Jons)
  • Portico Quartet / Line (Real World)
  • Little Axe / Hammerhead (Real World)
  • Art Blakey & Sabu / Message from Kenya (Blue Note)
  • Dudu Pukwana / Balyoi  (Earthworks)
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Youssou N’dour / Diabaram  (VIrgin)
  • Cessa / Recon (Missing Link)
  • Seiji / The King
  • Mos Def, Q-Tip & Tash / Body Rock (Rawkus)
  • Saul Williams / PG
  • Saul Williams / Telegram
  • Audio Two / Top Billin’
  • Kode9 & The Spaceape / Nine (Hyperdub)
  • Mary Margaret O’Hara / You Will Be Loved Again (Virgin)

How to devalue music…


Have been in contact with Fritz Catlin recently,  He be one of the founders of the legendary 23Skidoo.  

Legendary, a word that many say has been overused when applied to contemporary music.  I’ve checked, it’s definitely okay to use on this occasion.

Fritz sent two cd’s, one of his recent project with bassman Mike Joseph, called The Skintologists.  It’s pure straight-up dub.  The other cd, loaded with 147 tracks of all shapes, blends, and sizes.  The accompanying note read  “How to devalue music?  Give enormous amounts away at once.”  Reefer tunes, classic dub, dancehaul (sic), hip hop, Indo-jazz fusion, Alice Coltrane, Mutabaruka, Roland Alphonso, phew!

For this week’s program, some of Fritz’ selection is intertwined with the following –  Taslit – Laârbi Ihini from the Manouâat Amazighia Vol.2 that I copped in Agadir a couple weeks back.  Also joining in, we have  ‘lectro-synth bass frequency newness from the Hyderdub label, ‘Wind It Up’ from Mark Pritchard & Om’mas Keith;  Hackman, new on the scene from our friends at Studio Rockers, who will be releasing a three track EP from this 19 year-old producer.  

Cessa, of whom very little is known, except they produce music that embraces the goodness, roots and electronica. Listening to it now, the 4/4 beat reminds me of a tune by The Drum Club that I used to rinse.  That makes sense now, as music from 15-20 years past always seems to have a certain influence on a percentage of current producers.

Back to now, stepping up  is the sound recordist / mini-documentary maker,  the Sao Paolo based producer  Maga Bo.  His second album on Soot, Archipelagos is out now.  By the way, Maga is now booking dates for a European tour in November, and he’ll be doing his thing at Womex in Copenhagen, so any promoters reading this,  check him out, give him a shout if you need some of that Transnational Bass to warm up your cockles before winter sets in.

Anybody remember Culture Club’s ‘Murder Rap Trap‘? it’s on the b-side of ‘I’m Afraid of Me’ featuring Captain Crucial on the MIC. Love that tune yes, had to drop it last week at Txola.  When a guy asked me “What tune is this?” (in spanish of course) I produced the sleeve, and he thought I was taking the piss.  It happens every time.

This week’s program can be heard from tonight at 22h00 at Sunhole Radio, (then repeated weekday mornings at 11h00).

Thursday it’s the turn of Planet Radio, at 23h00, and next week Tuesday 20h30 at Radio Norte 89.4FM.  Radio Norte are a week behind when broadcasting the program, which means you can catch Taliesin vs. DJ Rodrigo tonight, if you missed it last week.

Thanks to all singers, players, listeners, readers, promoters, visitors, people dem in the crowd.