Adbusters – Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economies

Adbusters, those dastardly culture-jammers, producers of the Canadian magazine of the same name, has been kicking it to the capitalists and informing us plebs for 20 years.  They have a new book, Meme Wars: the Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economies.  If you don’t like words, there are lots of pictures too that get the points across.

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Capitalism Is Making Humanity Obsolete

Eric Hobsbawm, the prominent British Marxist historian was recently on BBC Newsnight, discussing the “pathological degeneration” of the Capitalist system. The eminent, 94-year-old best-selling author recently published a new book How To Change The World: Reflections on Marx and Marxism.  Check him.

Spotted at Dangerous Minds, where they added the following comment, “It’s difficult to imagine a conversation like this appearing on American television, but that is what YouTube is for, isn’t it?”

Television, the drug of the nation.