Filastine – Canarias Ruido / Concert

Grey Filastine arrived yesterday, mind and suitcase full of contraband, sonic weapons, political thoughts and observations, and a smile, which really came out when we hit the road for a quick scenic paseo to Benijo from Santa Cruz.  The waves of the Benijo coast sure strip preoccupations from you, ready to face the next assault that awaits like a mugger around the corner.

Job Ledesma of Canarias Ruido radio program will opened his studio doors to us tonight between 21h15 – 22h00 for an interview and to play a couple songs. Then it’ll be show time at La Sonora Republica in Honky Tonk Xpress.

You can’t say you weren’t told.

Famille Bou Bess on the radio

Ah finally, an interview that has not been edited to suit some bullshit agenda.

Yesterday Famille Bou Bess did an interview with Job Ledesma for his Canarias Ruido (Canarian noise) radio program.  Their experience and insight make you throws their age into doubt.

The interview will be transmitted on Saturday night between 20h00-21h00.   After that you should you be in the area, you can bounce up to La Orotava for they will be joining me for a session at Cafe Quilombo.  This will be like their fifth, sixth gig, so it’s still early days for them in front of an audience, so come and help them out.  As mentioned here before it’s a fund-raiser for a colleague of theirs that was illegally incarcerated and he needs funds to fight his legal case.  Entrance tax is only three euros to get in.  Most of the gigs I’ve done here have been free, so for once, dig into yer pockets you tight bastids!