Open wide, it’s Filastine – Ear Conditioning Transmission 20

Nomad Filastine goes from one extreme to the other, last week in Siberia and Russia, this week, here in Tenerife for the show at Honky Tonk in Santa Cruz.  As part of the organizing team for Boreal Festival I’ve long considered Filastine to be more than appropriate for the festival considering it’s environmental objective and perspective.  Filastine lives it, doesn’t just talk it, he’s prepared to take the train rather than fly should it be possible.  He’d prefer to stay in a locally-owned hotel, no multi-national hotel chains.  He likes the venue where he’s to perform to not have throw-away cups for drinks.  The earth doesn’t need us, but we need it.

This week the bait for the unsuspecting is laid with a techno- tribal offering with Osaka, a new joint from Sonarpilot, remixed by Simbad. The record from which this comes, Mothership Remixed, also features a remix by Ramadanman.

Another new cut to surface is ‘Gadget Go Go’ from Chali 2Na, yes he of Jurassic 5ive and Ozomalti.  He steps out on his own for a Rusko-produced club banger.

Leading into a mix from Filastine we have  that new taster from El-P, Whores, The Movie and a Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry track that I don’t have a title for, but I think it’s from the Blackboard Jungle album period.

Tune in via Sunhole at 22h00, then cop the experience at Honky Tonk on Saturday.

Phonetics and Instrumentation


I received some gorgeous music last week with the name of Obba Supa attatched to it. Technical Development runs the mic.  His 100% London accent brings honesty, knowledge and Lewis Parker to mind. The production of  Hey!Zeus holds plenty heritage within and forward thinking with jazz-brewed off-key beats and keys that hit your soft spot with no apologies. Rewind champion of the week.

As previously mentioned this week is the global launch of the latest output from Indigenous Resistance, and what a cast included.  See below for the list of all participants, some no longer with us, but on record yes.  I’ll be dropping Routes to Rootz at the Boreal Festival this coming Saturday after Tropico 28 and Karlovy Vary take the stage.

A good friend of mine introduced me to Intik, a rap group from Algeria.  While checking the cd booklet, I noticed the name of Imhotep in the production credits for one track.  He is/was, not sure, part of French rap legends I AM.  He released a solo album which was miles away from I AM.  The album, Blueprint, published in ’98 is one of my favourites when it comes to Maghreb and contemporary beats sharing the bath water.  I played this album to whoever I could, and seriously only one person was not impressed.   You be the judge…..

Ear Conditioning – Phonetics and Instrumentation

  • Obba Supa – 102 2am but not (Project Moon Circle)
  • Obba Supa – Barefaced (Project Moon Circle)
  • Herbie Hancock – The Stick Up
  • MadVillan – Raid (Stones Throw)
  • Amir Sulaiman – Spit
  • A. Russell – Got the Hunger (The Heavy Remix)
  • Negitvland – Truth in Advertising (Eerie Materials)
  • Zinc – Faster (Bingo)
  • Elixir – Alien Rainbow (Language)
  • Chrome – Melody (Language)
  • El-P – Excerpts from Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixx2 (Def jux)
  • Grand Master b.k.a. “Gundel” – The Solution? (Uppercut)
  • Indigenous Resistance – Routes to Rootz featuring Freshmint, Benjamin Zephaniah, Augustus Pablo, Mikey Dread, Eagleheart Singers, Chuck D, Santa Davis, Scully, The Ghost, DJ Rodrigo, Tohununu  (Indigenous Resistance)
  • Intik – Entre Deux Feux
  • Horace Andy & Tapper Zukie – Natty Dread a wha she want
  • King L Man & Grenouille – Red Label No.1  (Ear Con)
  • Martyn – The Bridge (3024)

Tune in:

Tonight (Tuesday)  Sunhole 22h00 (Program repeated every weekday morning at 11h00)

Thursday: Planet Radio 23h00

Indigenous Resistance / Routes to Rootz

Next week bring the launch of the latest output by the ever-expanding crew that is Indigenous Resistance.

A week of happenings around the globe to celebrate the launch of IR22, Routes to Rootz.

From Brazil to Pittsburgh, Bogota to Tenerife, we shall be airing Routes to Rootz on radio, at clubs and festivals.

Una semana de eventos en todo el mundo para celebra el lanzamiento de IR22, Routes to Rootz que cuenta con invitadoes especiales con Tohuno, Saevo, Chritiane D, Soy SOS, Kokonda Dub, Eagle, Heart Singers, Augustus Pablo, Freshmint, Mikey Dread, Santa Davis, Scully, The Ghost, Benjamin Zephania, Chuck D & DJ Rodrigo.

Available from / disponisble de Itunes, emusic, Juno, Deezer, Believe Digital (France).

Vinyl available / vinilo disponible  in Brazil via Zumbi Musica.

I’ll be dropping Routes to Rootz and other associated material next week on the Ear Conditioning program and at Festival Boreal, Los Silos, 26 Septiembre.

Babylon ‘affi bu’n, pass the petrol and matches.