Ear Con 66 – Peace Go With You My Brother

Ear Con66 – Peace Go With You My Brother

Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson / Peace Go With You, Brother As-Salaam-Aleikum (Strata East)
John Berberian And The Middle Eastern Ensemble / The Oud & The Fuzz (Rev-Ola)
– Junebug Productions / Listen To Your World (Codek)
Argonaut / Mingus Mundana (Language)
– Ella Fitzgerald / Whatever Lola Wants (Verve)
J-Live / A Charmed Life (Coup d’Etat)
Nubian Minds / 2010 Nubian (Archive)
Samiyam / Cushion (Brainfeeder)
Finn Peters / Purple (Mantella)
Supersoul / So Real So True (Metatronix)
Stereotyp / Police and Soldiers (BMG)
Black Chow / Wonderland (Jahtari)
– Radiohead / Codex (Mojib Remix)
Willamette Singers / Pray On
– Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson / Peace Go With You Brother Wa-Aleikum-Salaam (Strata East)
– Gil Scott Heron / Parents (XL)
– Gil Scott Heron / Being Blessed (XL)
Slum Village / Go Ladies Outro (Wordplay/Virgin)

Hearable via Sunhole tonight, 22h00 GMT+1, or Saturday via The Magic Show at eFM/Radio Studentski – Bosnia i Herzegovina

Ear Con58 – Ear Invasion

Ear Con58 – Ear Invasion
This uzi weighs a ton.


‘Cos within the allotted sixty minutes, for your ears, hearts and minds we present newness from Débruit, Maga Bo, Obba Supa, and Jeremiah Jae. (I’ll post more details about Maga Bo’s new EP within the next couple of days)

Old-time music from Robert Crumb’s collection, that be Paul Specht & His Orchestra.

Good ole dutty funk from Funkadelic.

Reggae vibes from Horace Andy, Barry Brown and Dr. Alimantado.

Plus curveballs from Gaslamp Killer, Black Chow, El-P, Jeremiah Jae, den5hion and Primus

Is that good enough for ya?

Going out via Sunhole Radio 22h GMT tonight and on Saturday 16h-18h CET via The Magic Show at eFM, Sarajevo.

Obba Supa / Arabian Shesha (Chakra Sounds)
Calle 13 / John El Esquizofrenico (den5hion remix)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada
Funkadelic / Red Hot Mamma (Westbound)
Paul Specht & His Orchestra / That’s What I Call Sweet Music
Horace Andy /Talk About Zion (Blood & Fire)
Barry Brown / Natty Roots Man (Blood & Fire)
Dr. Alimantado / Mash It Up  (Blood & Fire)
Black Chow / Danger (Jahtari)
Maga Bo / Ransom – Timeblind Mix (Senseless)
Maga Bo / Gondar (Senseless)
Débruit / Turkish-ish (Civil Music)
RJD2 / Silver Fox (Def Jux)
Jeremiah Jae / Kings Bop (Brainfeeder)
Primus / Los Bastardos (Interscope)
Obba Supa / Yumm Yumms (Chakra Sounds)
DJ Vadim / Terrorist – Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix (Ninja Tune)
El-P / Lab Rat Bravely Escapes Only to Crash Into the Gates (Def Jux/Gold Dust)

Ear Conditioning 40 – Hit the Spot

A strictly vinyl affair for this week, all warts, clicks, skips included. We have something for all those ‘hardcoritos’ that keep pestering me for ‘hardcore’ at parties. “Dem nah know ’bout hardcore. Dis ya hardcore!”

Still on a Keroxen10 induced high – thanks for the over-the-top compliments that have streamed in. You, those that were there made it happen.  Keroxen10 runs until Nov.6.  Also to be checked out is the exhibition of chairs, which is happening in La Laguna.

Boni Kurajica, a Macedonian chess master / electronic musician living in Tenerife is part of the team behind Keroxen10, and his group Tupperwear have a new ep out via Ruin Rec0rds, and that starts our adventure this week.  The busy man also has new release out with his other project G.A.F., and they will be performing at Womad Las Palmas next month.

Back to now, also in the potaje de music que es mi programa, hay temas de October, es un tema brutal, en el stilo de drum y bass, poca mas lento, pero con ganas.  Tambien un clasico de jungle, Supacat con Wu-Tang Clan, no lo se quien el productor, lo sientom mi suena (?) Congo Natty.

Semana pasada en Keroxen, el chico Hyperpotamus mi pregunto “What is that Aisha Bosle track you played?” It was this baby, although this video is The Kominas version.

Ear Conditioning 40 – Hit The Spot

  • Tupperware / Rumor Vitreo (ruin)
  • Radiohead / Climbing up the Walls – Zero7 Remix (Parlophone)
  • Prefuse 73 / Five Minutes Away (Warp)
  • RjD2 / The Proxy (Def Jux)
  • The Bug featuring Cutty Ranks / Gun Disease (Rephlex)
  • Renegade Sound Wave / In Dub (Mute White Label)
  • Trouble Funk / Pump Me Up (Sugarhill)
  • October / Dub Junglism (Z Audio)
  • Overtone / Give It Away – Inverse Cinematics Instrumental Mix (Redbud)
  • David Shire / Goodbye Green, Hello Garber, Goodbye Hippie  from the Taking of Pelham 123 (MGM)
  • Lata Mangeshkar / Mohabbat Ki Jhoot Kahani from the film Mughal E Azam (Odeon)
  • Black Chow / Purple Smoke (Hyperdub)
  • Flying Lotus / Disco Balls (Hyperdub)
  • DJ Disk / Holidisk Inn (Bomb)
  • Source Direct / The Crane (Source Direct)
  • Supacat & Wu-Tang / Scalp Dem – Jungle Mix (White Label)
  • Dilinja / It Ain’t Too Loud  (Valve)

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be out there tonight via Sunhole dot net at 22h00 GMT+1 and on Friday 20h00 GMT+1 at eFM, Radio Sarajevo

Ear Conditioning Transmission 17 – The Speaker Spazm

Ras G is one of the artists I wanted for this year’s Clandestino Festival, however with limited space and less money than in previous years,we found ourselves a bit stuck.  However there will now be a Clandestino stage at the Way Out West Festival, so we’ve got Ras booked to do a set there in August. Recording-wise, our man returns  with a six track EP of abstract dub-hop head pressure for Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records. With ‘El Alyien Part 1′  Ras is at his most esoteric. Bong-eyed blend of rich field recordings and crackly samples knitted togther with a bed of psychoactively charged subbass. Forward yout’!

If you live in Athens there’s a good chance you know of the Barcelona in Athens crew.  Nikos who runs things there dropped me a track from the forthcoming album from Palyrria, uptempo horny Mediterranean balkan pressure.

As mentioned here a few days ago, Filastine will be bringing his sonic assault to the shores of Tenerife next month, so here’s another excuse to crank it up with a track from the Extra Dirty Bomb EP.

Caribou step up with a new album called Swim. The track  Odessa has been given the David Wrench treatment, and it comes in the form of a drumcappela, which you can cop for nought over at RCDLBL.

I don’t know what direction I was looking in when Ninja Tune released the single by Andreya Triana late last year.  The Flying Lotus mix of Lost Where I Belong is absolutely gorgeous, lush heart-tugging harp movements and what I think is Thundercat on bass, bottom end, soulful bliss.

The following will be broadcast tonight on Sunhole at 22h00 GMT

Ear Conditioning – The Speaker Spazm / Transmission 17

  • Ras G – Discipline 09 1 (Leaving Records)
  • Ras G – Discipline 09 2 (Leaving Records)
  • Leila – Daisies, Cats and Spacemen featuring Roya Arab (XL)
  • Dorian Concept – Be Tween (Beat Dimensions)
  • Palyrria – Se Quema
  • Aswad – Warrior Charge (EMI)
  • Tom Zé – Tō (Luaka Bop)
  • Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong / Flying Lotus Mix (Ninja Tune)
  • Caribou – Odessa / David Wrench’s Drumapella
  • Filastine – Discontinuities / Cardopusher remix of Singularities (Post World Industries)
  • Jnerio Jarel – Going Home feat. Micah Guagh (Label Who)
  • Jazzsteppa – Sweet Tooth (Studio Rockers)
  • Black Chow – Air (Soul Jazz)
  • Gang Starr – Take it Personal (Chrysalis)
  • Ras G – Discipline 09 4 (Leaving Records)

Ear Conditioning Transmission 16 – Air Particles

Now sports….

I finally got my mitts around Leila’s album, Blood, Looms and Blooms.  It’s all in there, such detail to sound, incredible.  It’s like Autechre, DeBussy, Sarte.

Gilles Peterson is back with the next chapter in the Havana Cultura series – a compilation of  remixes transporting original Cuban grooves on ‘Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura: New Cuba Sound’ to the club domain. Louie Vega4heroMJ ColePhilippe Cohen-Solal from Gotan ProjectRainer TruebyCarl Cox, and homegrown Cuban producers Edgaro and Wichy de Vedado all contribute. There’s a lavish 12″ featuring reworks by Michel Cleis and Seiji. Did someone say Seiji?

Kevin (The Bug/’King Midas Sound) Martin hit me on the head  with a new Black Chow track.  Black Chow is K-Mart and Hitomi, two-thirds of King Midas.  Black Chow’s Air will surface on Soul Jazz I believe somewhat soonish.  Black Chow has found space to operate between the two aforementioned projects in a manner that goes down well in this neighbourhood.

Also on the ‘air’ tip is Dabrye, and man introduced to me via K-Mart.  This time Dabrye gets Doom involved and this track is riding on a Madlib remix.  How cool is that?

One other major thing this week, Jneiro Jarel, drops in from Viberia to lay on the Android Love Mayhem  EP courtesy of  his Label Who imprint.

Rub those mittens.

Ear Conditioning – Transmission 16 / Air Particles – broadcasted via Sunhole dot net tonight at 22h00.

  • Cuentacuentos Intro
  • Leila / Mollie, Mollie  (XL)
  • Leila / Little Acorns  (XL)
  • Stacey Pullen / 40thstreetblack  (Science/Virgin)
  • LD / King of the Kong (Dub Police)
  • Bebel Du Guetto / Beijo Na Boca
  • Gilles Peterson Presents….Chekere son /Seiji Refix  (Brownswood)
  • Black Chow – Air (Soul Jazz)
  • Jneiro Jarel / Gosohaurd (Label Who)
  • Dabrye / Air featuring Doom – Madlib Remix
  • Martyn / Brilliant Orange – Illum Sphere Remix  (3024)
  • Fulgeance / Haggis (Beat Dimensions)
  • Oh No / Excalibur (Stones Throw)
  • Moody Boyz / Nasty Rockers (Studio Rockers)
  • 1 Speed Bike / Kandahar Porn Merchant Moustache Twitch
  • Flying Lotus / Heat Wave 2
  • Onra / Last Tango in Saigon
After that, or before, Flying Lotus is celebrating 4/20 with a good chuck of his Brainfeeder crew via  http://flying-lotus.com/radio