You like bass? Thundercat

If you do bass with your coffee or tea then the debut album from Thundercat is, if not a must, then at least one listen. Who is this mf Thundercat? Check your Erykah Badu collection, and also Suicidal Tendencies. Also the lasted releases from the album’s producer, Flying Lotus. Good enough for ya?

Download / stream Flying Lotus’ Thundercat ‘Shenanigans Pt.1’ mix at Brainfeeder

Sez FlyLo – Here’s some things, a prelude to the LP. Some new, some you might know, some we may never release.

His debut album ‘The Golden Age of Apocalypse’ drops Aug. 30th.

Ear Con58 – Ear Invasion

Ear Con58 – Ear Invasion
This uzi weighs a ton.


‘Cos within the allotted sixty minutes, for your ears, hearts and minds we present newness from Débruit, Maga Bo, Obba Supa, and Jeremiah Jae. (I’ll post more details about Maga Bo’s new EP within the next couple of days)

Old-time music from Robert Crumb’s collection, that be Paul Specht & His Orchestra.

Good ole dutty funk from Funkadelic.

Reggae vibes from Horace Andy, Barry Brown and Dr. Alimantado.

Plus curveballs from Gaslamp Killer, Black Chow, El-P, Jeremiah Jae, den5hion and Primus

Is that good enough for ya?

Going out via Sunhole Radio 22h GMT tonight and on Saturday 16h-18h CET via The Magic Show at eFM, Sarajevo.

Obba Supa / Arabian Shesha (Chakra Sounds)
Calle 13 / John El Esquizofrenico (den5hion remix)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada
Funkadelic / Red Hot Mamma (Westbound)
Paul Specht & His Orchestra / That’s What I Call Sweet Music
Horace Andy /Talk About Zion (Blood & Fire)
Barry Brown / Natty Roots Man (Blood & Fire)
Dr. Alimantado / Mash It Up  (Blood & Fire)
Black Chow / Danger (Jahtari)
Maga Bo / Ransom – Timeblind Mix (Senseless)
Maga Bo / Gondar (Senseless)
Débruit / Turkish-ish (Civil Music)
RJD2 / Silver Fox (Def Jux)
Jeremiah Jae / Kings Bop (Brainfeeder)
Primus / Los Bastardos (Interscope)
Obba Supa / Yumm Yumms (Chakra Sounds)
DJ Vadim / Terrorist – Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix (Ninja Tune)
El-P / Lab Rat Bravely Escapes Only to Crash Into the Gates (Def Jux/Gold Dust)

Tsk tsk tsk vs. Boom Boom Boom


Filmaker and DJ, Don Letts speaks about punk roots, technology and music  in today’s Guardian.  

Guardian:  Bass (how low can you go?)

Don Letts:  It’s disturbing when I see kids on buses, listening to music on their phones, and it’s just going: tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, with no bass. Bass culture is Jamaica’s gift to the world and technology is, kind of, ruining that. Bass is sexy. Women respond to bass. That said, dubstep is one of the most exciting musical forms out there. There’s always something going on.

Tell it Don, tell it.  

There are a couple points in the above statement that I need to translate into Spanish and show to some folks around these parts.  Damn, the amount of times i’ve turned up at an event looking for the bass-bins that are going to vibrate the message.   There was a sound system (can’t remember the name) in Toronto that was running when hip hop rose on the horizon and this guy had at least twenty of the Cerwin-Vega 18″ Earthquake speakers lined up.  That was the bomb!

Another issue is the kids on the buses with that tsk tsk tsk coming outta the speaker of their mobile.  Turn that shit off.  Wanna listen to music while yer going from A to B?  Then do it proper, get a ghetto-blaster to annoy the fuck out of me and everyone else on the bus, like we did when we was teenagers.

Miserable old git that is me, signing off.