Ear Conditioning 23 – The Lash Out

Tonight’s transmission contains the following ingredients:
Jneiro Jarel, Gonjasufi, The Bug & Roger Robinson, BLK KJS, James Blake, Boards of Canada, Dodge Vyrus, Jah Stitch, Africa HiTech, King L Man, Flying Lotus, Bugskull

Did I leave anything out? I may have done, but I have no problem showing you the contract.

Tune in via Sunhole dot net, 22h00 GMT (Tenerife/London Time y’all)

Africa HiTech – Lash Out

One Two
Africa HiTech is Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard.

Hitecherous is the new package.

Lash Out oscillates beyond reason, rubberoom style and the snare slaps you ’bout yer face, and slices of synths inject the grimey rave sentences, yeah it works.
One Two is pure bashment carnival rhythm vibes rolling about the place as Spacek takes the mic, while appropriate sound effects back up  certain lyrics, cleaver. Scalper was telling about this creative production method, but never did I get around to it due to a faulty piece of kit. Anyway it bounces nicely, gals dem love it yes.

Warp is the label

More juice here