Martyn – The Count’s Secret Planet


Our favourite Washington DC based Dutch producer that is Martyn has dropped a podcast mix on his friends at Brainfeeder.  A selection of beats from Dilla, MF Doom, Tom Tom Club, Madlib,  and a host of udders others awaits, copable here.  Over at Martyn’s 3024 blogspot page or here you can find  a mix from a couple years back that’s more in the minimal techno vein.  Tanin should be pleased.

Martyn ‘Great Lengths’


You know that juvenile feeling of anticipation when a new album is about to come out?

Had me some of that due to  the above album, Great Lengths, by Martyn.  Went to Boomkat and purchased it first thing this morning, but had to wait until we came back from the beach in Puerto de la Cruz, to get my ears around it.  

Oh, it’s so lush, gorgeous.  The bass-lines gently push you along, not battering or warping your sensibilities at all, while the top-end treatments put the step in the right places.  

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