Ear Con 111: Keroxen Closing Night


I got a date tomorrow, the end is near, so I am preparing the digital record box…..whilst searching the deep recesses of hard drives and bending shelves for tunes for the closing night of Keroxen, I came across these documents. Some Keroxeneros like it rampt up to the max, with rave, jungle, d&b having taken a solid hold over the island back in the day. Got them covered with some modern d&b courtesy of Om Unit, then delving into the Congo Natty archive. Coincidentally, he is scheduled to play here tomorrow night also. Soundbwoy clash in Tenerife then! This goes out to all those that put in some effort to make Keroxen what is is – be it the organizers, volunteers, punters, all the artists of all persuasions, sponsors, officials at the town hall and those that hold them to their word.

“Rock and roll, what an empty generation”

Ear Con 111: Keroxen14 / Closing Box

Cigar Box – Al Dobson Jr.
The War – Om Unit feat. Jehst
Title unknown Ras11  Congo Natty
Title unknown – Hizbollah CD
Taboola – DJ Scotch Bonnet
Him Da Biz – Cooly G
Run Quick – NAH feat. GIVV
Breathe, rest, dig, rule – NAH feat. GIVV
Tomorrow – Hector Plimmer
Taipan Showers – Strict Fact
Stupid Wind – Sol Monk
P.L.O. Style – Wu Tang & Jimi Hendrix
Killer Dub – Vital Dub
Urania – Mono/Poly
Title unknown ‘Flex Bside’ – †€Ω§HµΩ
Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck – Run The Jewels feat. Zach de la Rocha
Hard 2 Be – Machinedrum
Mother India – Moody Boyz Strollin’ Remix Fun-da-mental
Wait – Mala

Ear Con 110: It’s normal, we live in a strange universe


John Zorn: Peur sur la ville – (From The Big Gundown LP, Icon)
Mr. Zorn records a tribute to Ennio Morricone. Stellar list of collaborators on-board for this excursion.

Owiny Sigoma Band: Yukimwi (Brownswood)
Reminds me of seeing King Sunny Ade & His African Beats live and direct. Solid drum on the one funk.

Ibo Combo: Ti Garcon (Haiti Direct CD)
Had to buy this when recently in London, Haitian music like I never heard before. I am familiar with the Voodoo drum stuff, but the big band stuff? Never, until recently, it was a no-brainer.

Earl Sweatshirt: Uncle Al

Strange U: Strange Universe in Africa (Eglo)
“Dear Eglo Promo, I’m feeling the track, however I think it’s a bit distorted.”
Eglo Promo: “It’s supposed to be like that.”

Tricky: Nothing’s Clear (The Hard Cell, Earth Recordings)
The first time I heard Tricky, on this benefit album to highlight sickle cell disease, which is a disease known to affect mainly Afro-Caribbean-Americans, if you didn’t know.

3D & Jupiter Bonkonji: 3D on Jupiter (BattleBox)
Sparse worming synth, thudding affective kick, great vocal tone and presence.

Giganta: Is Ma Beat (Werkdiscs)
New producer from Greece, good on ya girl, keep it coming. On a 2Step vibe, I’m not keen on pitched vocals however there are a few joints on this ep i went back to a few times.

Tao: Riot in Lagos – Future Forces Inc. Remix (Language)
Mid-late 90’s output from Tony Thorpe’s Language label. Tao, originally from Japan made an album while in London, Here he tackles Ryuichi Sakamoto’s classic. Not one I’d have the nuts to tackle.

Nico: Copies (No U-Turn)
While in a studio several years ago, in walked a man who knew the engineer I was working with. It was Nico, I’d never seen him, but I had his music. “Pleased to meet you”, and I remember him getting around to saying “You liked that bass sound eh?” That mean’t ‘his bass sound’, oh yes, dark and nasty.

Charles Mingus: Better Git It In Your Soul (From Ah Um LP)
One of my early DJ partners Angus Angus, played this on his program last week, I caught the tail end of it with drum solo. I made a call, “What was that track before the Tackhead beat?”

Chris Watson: Haefest (Touch)
A regular on radio and tv, although you may not know it. Chris Watson records natural sounds, and was a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, a group that introduced me to different manner of presenting and expressing music and sound.
Haefest is a cut from an album that takes its inspiration from Eadfrith, the Bishop of Lindisfarne, writing and illustrating the Lindisfarne Gospels during the late 7th C. and early 8th C. He would have been immersed in the sounds of Holy Island whilst he created this remarkable work. This production aims to reflect upon the daily and seasonal aspects of the evolving variety of ambient sounds that accompanied life and work during that period of exceptional thought and creativity.

Socos Dúo: Mariel (These Times We Are Living LP, Ear Conditioning)
Yes, our first record, coming out next month. Pleased.

Ear Con 110: It’s normal, we live in a strange universe by D.Wattsriot on Mixcloud

DJ/rupture in The Guardian

Good to see Mudd Upper Jace Clayton aka DJ/rupture getting some love in The Guardian newspaper yesterday. This dude, Mr. Negrophonic has introduced me to so much, and not just music. He’s on another level while the grass still tickles his toes.  Literature, art, architecture, technology, designing plug-ins, research, bloggin’, label boss, phew!

He’s got a new album coming out under his real name instead of DJ/rupture.  The album is based around Julius Eastman,

Pancake time.

Article here

Hyperdub – Rinse Shows Uploaded


In celebration of the release of the instrumentals from LV’s 2012 album ‘Sebenza’, the label have neatly pooled together nine of their monthly Rinse FM shows from last year, plus an edit of the ‘Sebenza’ pre-cursor Boomslang for free download.

Full story at Dummy plus links to download that LV tune.

Gaslamp Killer – Headphone Highlights

The Gaslamp Killer opens up his record box for us that give a shit, over at redbull online radio Headphone Highlights series.

“So, I put together Headphone Highlights with the idea that I would give you half songs that I like to put on when I’m in an introspective mood, or like to chill and feel chill vibes, and the other half are club songs. There’s exactly half and half, so half of my favourite club bangers, half of my classic hits, how ’bout that?”

He’s got the passion and energy I dig, ya dig?

Ear Con 104 – RoadKill

Back home now after being on the road with Gonjasufi + Skrapez for the whole month of June. We did thirteen countries, twenty three gigs (25 for me personally), over 8000kms, four days off, 600 euros in excess luggage fee’s, one lost mobile phone, a fine for possession of 0.45g of hash, 1 box of Gonjasufi hats missing, 145 shirts and 58 pins sold, 5 cans of spray paint purchased, 10 albums,  1 t-shirt bought, hence this show is called Road-Kill.

And in preparation for this weekend’s double-header with The Bug, in Las Palmas and Tenerife, we have the flip-side to the new single coming out soon via Acid Ragga/Ninja tune.

Intro – Time to be grateful
Austin Peralta / Lapis (ninja tune)
The Gaslamp Killer / Road Kill Interlude (hit+run)
Subtitle / 555 + 333 (hit+run)
Kevin D. Mize / Better Late Than (hit+run)
Knxwledge / Need Wun
Natalie Storm / Bang Bang
Rich Man’s World (1%)
El-P / The Jig Is Up (def jux / fat possum)
Ranking Levy / Mad Man Style
Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band –  Orisa feat. Dreiser & Sexto Sentido (brownswood)
Robert Owens & Tone Control / Stuck On Loop Version
Eras / Bangoria
Jimi Hendrix / I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man (universal)
Juju / Fulani Coochie Man (real world)
LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat / Zulu Compurar (hyperdub)
Modeselektor / Title Unknown
Dorian Concept &  Dream Work (ninja tune)
The Bug feat. Inga Copeland / Rise Up (acid ragga / ninja tune)

‘Earable via Sunhole dot net, tonight at 22h00 (GMT+1)

Ear Con103 – State of Flux

Ear Con103 – State of Flux

Intro / Edison Phonograph
King L Man feat. Grenouille – Red Label No.1 (earcon)
40 Winks / The Day Breaks (project mooncircle)
Calle 13  / John El Esquzofrenico – Den5hion Remix
Moresounds / Shtrakstep Zip (cosmic bridge)
Sonido Martines presents Princesa / Aqui Princesa – Marcelo Fabian Remix
DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica – Messengers / Babylon Advisory
Lenacay / A Mi Tio Gabriel (satellite k)
The Gaslamp Killer / Monsterfromtheunderground (brainfeeder)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada
Starkey Banton / Jungle Bungle (fashion)
Dobie / E 2 Da P (big dada)
Dego / Eyelids Heavy (2000 black)
Martyn / Distortions (brainfeeder)
Havana Cultura Chekere Son – Seiji Rerub(brownswood)
Dobie / State of Flux (big dada)
Sucos Dúo / Libernewm (sucosdúo)
EAN / Flow – Om Unit Remix (cosmic bridge)

Artwork: Johan Thunell

This edition of Ear Conditioning rolls out tonight 19h-21h CET via eFM as part of  The Magic Show, and on Tuesday via Sunhole.

Ear Con99 – Blow Ya Horn

Back on the scene with the wrecking machine.

Time to break the radio silence that was imposed due to a trip to India for a wedding.

Made some field recordings during the trip, such as the wedding procession in Jaipur, (foto above).  Alongside this, for this weeks excursion, got joints from the likes of Falty DL & Machinedrum, Gonjasufi’s A.I.R. Label, Samiyam, Burial & Four Tet remixed by Drvg Cvltvre, Schlomo manhandled by Teebs, Alphabet Heaven from our friends at King Deluxe, Solar Bears, and Nat King Cole. Spoilt for choice this week. Tune tonight via Sunhole dot net 22h, or Saturday evening via eFM

Ear Con97 / What, you again?

Ear Con97 / What, you again?

This edition of Ear Con will be transmitted at 20hCET via The Magic Show on eFM / Radio Sarajevo, and on Tuesday via Sunhole dot net, and 22h GMT+1. There is plenty in there to sink your teeth into.

Memotone / It’s out there waiting (a future without)
Earl Sweatshirt / Home (oddfuture)
Magnificent Ruffians / Intro
Magnificent Ruffians / Spanglish Conquistatores feat.
Blest One & Dkoldis (magnificentruffians.bandcamp.com)
El-P / The Full Retard (fat possum)
Prince Far I & The Arabs / Mansion of Invention (trojan)
Prince Fatty vs. Hollie Cook in Dub / Shadow Dub (mr.bongos)
Andy Fairly / Segue (on-u sound)
Anenon / Acquiescence (non projects)
Elkat and Moleskin / Hurt – The Elementz Remix (hit & hope)
Mutamassik / Ni itu rekkez
Face-T / What?
Middleswood Sessions / Nowhere in Between (middleswood)
Schlachthofbronx / Juego (disko b)
Filastine / Colony Collapse – Squeaky Lobster remix (post world industries)
Amenta / Stormy Weather (first world)