Ear Con103 – State of Flux

Ear Con103 – State of Flux

Intro / Edison Phonograph
King L Man feat. Grenouille – Red Label No.1 (earcon)
40 Winks / The Day Breaks (project mooncircle)
Calle 13  / John El Esquzofrenico – Den5hion Remix
Moresounds / Shtrakstep Zip (cosmic bridge)
Sonido Martines presents Princesa / Aqui Princesa – Marcelo Fabian Remix
DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica – Messengers / Babylon Advisory
Lenacay / A Mi Tio Gabriel (satellite k)
The Gaslamp Killer / Monsterfromtheunderground (brainfeeder)
Katakresis / La Cumbia Malvada
Starkey Banton / Jungle Bungle (fashion)
Dobie / E 2 Da P (big dada)
Dego / Eyelids Heavy (2000 black)
Martyn / Distortions (brainfeeder)
Havana Cultura Chekere Son – Seiji Rerub(brownswood)
Dobie / State of Flux (big dada)
Sucos Dúo / Libernewm (sucosdúo)
EAN / Flow – Om Unit Remix (cosmic bridge)

Artwork: Johan Thunell

This edition of Ear Conditioning rolls out tonight 19h-21h CET via eFM as part of  The Magic Show, and on Tuesday via Sunhole.

Squarepusher new record

Here we have some exclusive writing from Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher, bringing you one step closer to the thought processes behind the new album Ufabulum.

All of the music on ‘Ufabulum’ has a visual accompaniment and has been developed both as a stand-alone album release and a live show. From the inception of the project, Squarepusher has worked simultaneously on sound and picture, and as such represents a departure from the now ubiquitous tendency for musicians to buy in third party visual components for their live performances.

The project features a development of a longstanding aspect of his live work since 2005, namely a bespoke “video-synthesiser” that generates imagery according to control data and audio input. The imagery for each piece has two components, one of which is represented on a large LED screen and the other on a smaller screen mounted on a helmet worn by Squarepusher.
Continue reading track by track description by the man at the Daily Swarm