I saw the documentary about A Tribe Called Quest a few days ago, phew, bloody brilliant.  It’s so well put together, the story, the editing, it could be released as a audio file and it would still carry the weight, be coherent. As the credits rolled, Madlib’s name appeared, and it reminded me I had this link to the Pefect Sound Forever  piece on Madlib.  It’s here.

Photo: Marcel Sison


Beyond Digital

DJ/rupture, Maga Bo, lensman John Francis Peters  and crew were in Morocco in June, working on a project delving into the rhythm of life there, slightly more in-depth than simply trying the local beer. We are dealing with what goes behind contemporary Moroccan music.  /rupture is about the only person I can deal with regards to Autotune, I ain’t got time for it, however in this case……

More on the Beyond Digital project at Fader Magazine


Portishead producer/musician Geoff Barrow recently bumped into Thom Yorke at Paddington station, where the Radiohead frontman told him the band had just finished their latest album, The King of Limbs. “… I went, ‘Fuck off! Fucking hell, man, in the time you’ve done another record we can’t find two notes that we like that we can put together.’ And we can’t. And then we get really scared of trying it.”

Portisheasd curate I’ll Be Your Mirror for All Tomorrow’s Parties in London this weekend, Grinderman, PJ Harvey, a reunited Company Flow on the bill.

The source for the above quote is from the The Guardian/Observer interview