Enoch Light – Command Records

“Mira ese discos” said Jotti, the proprietor of Aguere Music Shop in La Laguna, as he dropped a few records in front of me.  I’d already put aside a record titled Big Drums in Stereo, so he knew my angle.   Oh shit, that was a good / bad move. I chose one, place the needle to the vinyl and within a second I shouted “So that’s where he got the sample from, that sly motherf…”  I was referring to Carl Craig.  In all these years it never dawned on me to find out where the sample came from that he used for his seminal ‘Bug in the Bassbin’.

Everything about the records recorded and produced by Enoch Light is premium.  The package, his dedication the getting the right sound during the recording process, everything. I bagged about four discs and promised to return as soon as the next cheque was due in. Crate-diggers disease, “Ain’t nobody here getting hold of these records!”

I had to play catch up, proper.  As I proceeded to listen in the comfort of my home stereo, the realization that many producers had got their sampling mits on Enoch Light, uh, came to light, besides Carl Craig, The Beatnuts, RJD2, Arrested Development, The Avalanches, Spank Rock, Ugly Duckling, Tipsy and Amon Tobin among them.

As mentioned above, the quality of the recording and the packaging, is second to none. The recordings were captured on 35mm magnetic tape to ensure the best possible recording method at the time. The width of tape ensuring that all the musical elements within had ample space to breathe and with that the best clarity. Josef Albers was behind the design of the sleeves.  His designs were way different to what was going on generally artwise at the time.

Off to the shop now, to see if there is anything I’m missing.

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