Sony World Photography Awards

How time flies, it seems like only yesterday….

The Guardian present the winners of this years Sony World Photography Awards.  Here is a selection, more winners here.

Molotov cocktails have been the weapon of choice for the EuroMaidan protestors in Kiev. Using fire to their advantage, the protestors were able to defend their barricades, extend their lines and fortify their positions. To set fire to tanks, armoured vehicles, buses and tyres in opposition to local cops, Kiev’s protestors used thousand and thousands of Molotov cocktails, calling on people all over the city to collect as many bottles as possible.

Untitled_Donald Weber
Untitled_Donald Weber

Aerial photographs of the Adriatic coastline between Ravenna and Rimini, Italy, photographed in August 2014. The colourful umbrellas create amazing geometric patterns which contrast dramatically with the golden sand

Untitled:Bernhard Lang
Untitled_Bernhard Lang

In the depths of the Great Liangshan mountains in southwest Sichuan province, which has backward economic development, the ethnic Yi people are living a self-sufficient farming way of life – one of the best preserved among ethnic minorities in western China.

Ethnic Yi woman_Fan Li
Ethnic Yi woman_Fan Li

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