Jneiro Jarel-Viberian Experience


I saw a video post last week by Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who Dat?He was a broken man, discussing how his computer with all his music went tits up.  Albums worth of material yet to be released, poof, gone  all gone to digital heaven.  A few of us know that feeling all too well.  Back up the back up, and yes, back that up too. This is his latest venture, Camouflaged Thieves and below that, DRC Music, with Damon Albarn, Dan The Automator and a large cast and crew of singers and players from Democratic Republic of Congo.   Coming up third is ‘Brazilian Thought’, my introduction to Dr.Who Dat? and Jneiro.  Different shizzle for sure. Jneiro’s website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQH_0dx7oUo https://youtu.be/63TAIaNxBuM?list=PLVrhVhZKxeYohXg4YEYwRYjrnPRe516xi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aae-WdRJluc

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