Raise a glass to Gaudi


Today is Guadi’s birthday, (and my sister’s, Happy Birthday Les’), and the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones, saw fit to write on the importance of Gaudi’s work and what it means to Barcelona. He left his time-travel mark on the city.
“For Guadi is an anachronistic genius – a modernist giant who was addicted to the past. His buildings are at once futuristic and backward-looking. Fantastical intruders in their day, they now have a timeless quality that makes them profoundly pleasurable. Where other modern buildings proclaim their century proudly, his could equally well come from medieval Africa or 25th-century Mars. He was mocked by Picasso for being old-fashioned, and by George Orwell for building modern monstrosities.”

BA Gaudi Buildings 5

17328_I_Gaudi-conf-gavelaJonathan Jones’ piece in full

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