DJ/rupture – Sufi Plug-Ins

NPR, the public radio broadcast system in the USA, recently did a piece on Sufi plug-ins, a program developed by Jace Clayton aka DJ/rupture.  A lot of Jace’s work incorporates / or he collaborates with musicians from the Maghreb.  So for them when he opens up his laptop, say with Ableton Live for making his beats, it defaults to the standard 4/4 time signature and a 12-tone scale.  Sufi Plug Ins allow Eastern (and Western) musicians to get around the rigidness of European / Western 4/4 template and the 12-tone scale.

He came up with the idea for Sufi Plug Ins while living and making music in Barcelona.

“Spain has a really active community of Moroccan musicians, and I was making music with a violinist name Abdelhak Rahal,” Clayton says. “When I sat down and opened up my program, it defaults to a 4/4 beat and structures which to me are really obvious … but for him was not the default, and so that really got me thinking about alternate paths through sound.”

Full story at NPR here

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