Ear Con 92 – The Freeze-Over

This edition, The Freeze-Over, was put together while in my hotel room in Gotenborg, Sweden. I had no heat, but didn’t realize until the third and last day, as i hadn’t spent much time in the room. I was there for a Clandestino Club night, part of the Gotenborg International Film Festival. So anyway, outside the temperature was -15 degree weather in Gotenborg, Sweden.  I saw news reports of Poland and Russia suffering temperatures of minus 35, and people living on the street, damn homeless and living outside in those temperatures?!  My heart goes out to them.

This edition of EarCon is going out now (22h00 GMT+1) at Sunhole, repeated every weekday morning at 11h00 GMT+1, and on Saturday over at eFM / Radio Sarajevo, with the Magic Show hosted by Emil.

Will come back a little later with links etc.

Ear Con 92 – The Freeze-Over

Portico Quartet / Isla (realworld)
Unknown Artist / Hizbollah
DRC Music / Congosmo (warp)
Ward 21 / Pitbull (soul jazz)
SBTRKT / Heatwave (young turks)
1000names / Born With Promise
KRS One / Rapperz R In Danja (jive)
Schlachthabronx feat. Warrior Queen / Slowine (schlachthabronx)
Machinedrum / The Statue (planet mu)
Bonobo / Eyesdown feat. Andreya Triana – Floating Points Remix (ninjatune)
Neon Jung / Delirium Tremens (magic wand)
the steoples / Nature of the Soul (gifted and blessed)
Mighty Zulu Nation / Elamanqanu – Mala Remix (earcon/nation)
Kode9 / Swarm (rephlex)
Mutamassik & Morgan Craft / Air Raid (rough americana)
Unknown Artist / From DJ/rupture’s Moroccan Chaabi collection
Palestinian Student Karmel Group – Watani Laysa Hakiba (venture/virgin)

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