Adiós 2011 Bienvenido 2012

2011 Reverberations

Gil Scott-Heron and Gerard Smith (TV on the Radio) R.I.P.,  Tsnuami from hell, Pierre Bastien at Keroxen, Za! at Keroxen, Democracy held hostage, laughter, no money for us, Vina Rock sucks large, I mean one packet of crisps between five people and we nah get paid, Fuck them; Clandestino Festival, Machinedrum, The Underachievers, Philip D. Kick, Margin Call, Inside Job, Chris Watson, Kode 9 & The Spaceape, G.A.F., Project Mooncircle, Zara McFarlane, DRC – Kinshasa One Two, Death Grips, Tahir Square, Osama Bin Laden, Spanish Election, Krts, Gonjasufi ‘Low’, ‘Yezzi Mil Viss’ by King Abid, Pritch & Trim, Martyn’s Ghost People LP, Eduardo Galeano at Miradasdoc, Grenouille, being introduced to Robert A. Lowe aka Lichens and Ricardo Villalobos by The BugMan of King Midas Sound.

To all singers, players, dealers, promoters, and listeners, festival and club goers, thanks for believing and living.



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