Portishead producer/musician Geoff Barrow recently bumped into Thom Yorke at Paddington station, where the Radiohead frontman told him the band had just finished their latest album, The King of Limbs. “… I went, ‘Fuck off! Fucking hell, man, in the time you’ve done another record we can’t find two notes that we like that we can put together.’ And we can’t. And then we get really scared of trying it.”

Portisheasd curate I’ll Be Your Mirror for All Tomorrow’s Parties in London this weekend, Grinderman, PJ Harvey, a reunited Company Flow on the bill.

The source for the above quote is from the The Guardian/Observer interview

One thought on “Portishead

  1. from the portishead intrview ” Barrow, meanwhile, is finding inspiration less in music than in the current mood of protest simmering across the country: December’s student marches and, more recently, the riots that broke out in the Bristol district of Stokes Croft after a police raid on a squat linked to an anti-Tesco campaign.

    “People feeling they need to do something, rather than just the apathy of doing nothing – that alone is magical. Anger is crucial for me, and music has always been an outlet for that ”


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