Ear Con60 – Black Sun Burnin’

Yesterday the sun was black.  It will be like that for awhile, judging by how timeless ‘Memories of the Future’ the first album by Kode 9 and The Spaceape feels.  It still resonates with the freshness upon the first encounter.  The follow up work, ‘Black Sun’ rose yesterday.  It’s a environment that is not dissimilar to that which was presented via the film ‘Children of Men’ to which Kode9, The Bug, Digital Mystikz contributed music.

Kode 9 interview from Fader Magazine

We deliberately tried to make Spaceape sound like I’ve tuned in to him on some kind of frequency from another place, like he’s transmitting from another location. That location is this fictional world we tried to create, a world after an unknown, unclassified radioactive event. The album takes place in the repercussions of this event and what it’s done to the atmosphere. The album is really about populations dealing with the ecological consequences of this radioactive event. Now, that’s not an attempt to reflect what’s going on in the world. It’s distant in the sense that it’s a fictional world, that  we don’t know where it is and we don’t know when it is. The music evoked a world that we didn’t expect and now we’re just trying to work out what that world is.

Also contributing to the sunburn this week are Badawi, who did the artwork for the ‘Black Sun’ album, Martyn, The Bug, Ryuichi Sakamoto with Youssou N’Dour, Four Tet, Scratch DVA, Vision and the Riddler (thanks for that tip Manjeev), Silkie, The Gaslamp Killer with Gonjasufi on board.  And there are a few more gems in there, finishing of with the closing track from ‘Black Sun’ which features FlyLo.

Transmission tonight via (Black)Sunhole at 22h00 GMT and via eFM Radio Sarajevo on Saturday at 18h00 as part of The Magic Show.

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