Operation Cast Lead: The Goldstone Report – A response

Reason 5,086,873, why Israel sucks hard, they have never wanted peace, they only want the big piece.

You knew it was coming didn’t you?

The Goldstone Report into the Israeli actions in Gaza in 2009 said that both sides committed acts that could be considered violations of international law.  Israel didn’t like that, but they be happy as pigs in shit now that the reports author has written an Opinion piece in the NY Times I believe, saying that we would have come to a final conclusion had he known then what he knows now.

What do the Samouni Family think of this?  Who gives a flying fuck? The extended Samouni family lost thirty members  at the hands of the Israeli military machine in an attack.  The Israeli account that it was an accident, has been accepted after all.

If what had happened to them happened to an Israeli family, lord knows what would happen.

More information.

Just gotta say, many a forum has passionate opinions and thoughts on the subject, and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, some accuse others of being one thing or the other, but I must ask you, If your house and land was invaded, taken away from you, what would you do after let’s say a week or a month?  How would you feel?  Tell me, go on?

While I wait for an answer, I’ll tell ya what, after 60 years….

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