Kaoss Pad

The Guardian have this article about the Kaoss Pad.  I recently hit Santa Cruz to get some music gear, and my man Boni of GAF fame had just completed his purchase of a Kaoss Pad.  He hit home pronto pronto to plug in.  We later had a jam session at his place and I asked him to bring out the Kaoss Pad, let’s have a look and a twiddle with it’s knobs etc. “Nah, I took it back, I got this instead.”  I can’t remember what ‘this’ was, but it did work for us.

Anyway, here is the Kaoss Pad in the hands of Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, effecting Thom Yorke’s voice for their song ‘Everything it it’s right place’.

2 thoughts on “Kaoss Pad

    1. No harm done, apology accepted, thanks for the link to the Linnstrument, ace bubba, bloody ace. I got no time for manuals and getting really techy, find it takes the spontaneity out of what i’m doing. i’ve had a koass pad for 4 years, never programmed it, just use it one the fly, however being techy would help in some manner.

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