Ear Con 56 – Sister Morphine

“I think there’s a problem with the recording, it’s slow.”

A friend I’m working with is married to a woman from Colombia, so we had a discussion ’bout cumbia.  So I told them about the first cumbia I knowingly encountered, it was DJ/rupture and his special guest on his MuddUp! program one week, Sonido Martines.  He brought a selection of tunes that where slowed down, it was like the batteries were losing juice.  Well that’s the story.  At street parties in Mexico back 40 years ago, the sound systems were powered by batteries, and after awhile they’d lose juice, and the cassette machines would sloooooowwww dooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnn.  The pitch gone totally out the window, but people really dug it, hence Cumbia Rebajadas.  Sonido Martines put together a compilation called Cumbia Rebajadas Van A Brooklyn from which I’ve got two selections in this weeks program.

Was alerted to the forthcoming album “It’s a Trip” from 40Winks on Project Mooncircle outta Germany.  Jazz and drum breaks cut, chopped, bruk up, scratched, smoothed out, rewound, delayed, keys played. Got some real energy behind it hitting emotional peaks with found notes.  Gorgeous shit.

Civil Music are building a solid stable with the likes of Jonny Faith, Starkey and Debruit on-board.  I’ve also been hit with new isht from Reso.  Bass laden athletic synth workouts that will integrate your circuits alright. Also from Civil, we embracing some Techno here with Om Unit.  They have a new EP out next month, seek if your in that frame of movement.

Mr. K. Mart is busy as usual, out this week via Jahtari, ‘Wonderland‘ EP, the latest installment of Black Chow, which is The Bug with King Midas collaborator Hitomi. For the song, Signs, they have put the spotlight of vocalist Pupajim.  He’s got a very tender tone, perfect for this torch dub business.

Give it up to Floating Points and Fatima for their epic ten-minute spacial mover, Redlight.

Oh, with it being Carnaval in these parts, had to throw in some original West Indian carnaval flavour with Young Tiger, taken from London Is The Place To Be series from Honest Jons.

There you have it, plenty to suck on this week.

If you missed the broadcast last night on Sunhole, it’s repeated weekday mornings at 11am, which is about four minutes away.  Also going out via The Magic Show at Sarajevo’s eFM on Saturday at 16h00 CET

Ear Conditioning 56 – Sister Morphine

Shigeto / Unrelentless Drag – Mike Slott Remix (Ghostly International)
Susheela Raman /Vel Undu (OuterIndia)
40 Winks / Tribal Recipe (Project Mooncircle)
40 Winks / Entrele (Project Mooncircle)
Alejo Duran / Vuele Parajito – From Cumbia Rebajadas van a Brooklyn
Lizandro Mesa /  Cumbia pa’Oriente – From Cumbia Rebajadas  van a Brooklyn
Reso / Expansion Ratio (Civil Music)
Om Unit / The Timps (Civil Music)
Golden Girls / Kinetic – Lone Remix (R&S)
Black Chow / Signs featuring PupaJim (Jahtari)
Floating Points & Fatima / Redlight (Eglo)
Young Tiger / Calypso Be (Honest Jons)
Unknown Artist / Best of Berber Music Vol. 56
Beastie Boys / Heart Attack Man (Grand Royal/Capitol)
Onra / Hope (Chinoseries)
Junior Reid / Haul and Pull Up

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