Drumcunt again

Over at The Quietus site, there’s an interview with the man behind CrumDunt….no, let’s start that again, DrumCunt.  Real name, Rhys, he also is drummer for Hey Colossus!, which my man Manjeev released on his 3″ CD label in 2009. You know it ain’t gonna be like Abba, yeah, like putting your moist tongue on frayed electric cables, clears you out, gives a fresh perspective on things that need it.  A-fucking-brasive to ras’.  Anybody that produces music such as his with such a title has to be checked.  Anybody that releases a cd under the title ‘I Shot Westwood’ needs to be checked, and praised.  There is a time for everything, and for Drumcunt, the time is now.

Interview with the Pops DC and more of his tuneage over here,

Update, since I originally wrote this a couple weeks ago, there’s a fresh remix of a How To Dress Well product, available for your mits here.

Update2: Manjeev got in touch and has provided some betta links, Thank you sire.

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