Palestine papers

Johnathan Freeland/The Guardian looks at the Palestine papers that have just been leaked via Al-Jazeera. They have 1600 documents in all.  Some show how the Fatah/PLO movement pulled some amazing contortion movements in order to gain peace with the israeli’s…and the Yanks, but nope, they wasn’t having it.
“….the documents blow apart what has been a staple of Israeli public diplomacy: the claim that there is no Palestinian partner. That theme, a refrain of Israeli spokesmen on and off for years, is undone by transcripts which show that there is not only a Palestinian partner but one more accommodating than will surely ever appear again.

Where does this leave the peace process itself? The pessimistic view is that what little life remained in it has now been punched out. On the Palestinian side these revelations are bound to strengthen Hamas, who have long rejected Fatah’s strategy of negotiation, arguing that armed resistance is the only way to secure Palestinian statehood. Hamas will now be able to claim that diplomacy not only fails to bring results, it brings national humiliation.”
His full observations here

I  remember when Clinton, Bill, that is, was asked about his biggest regret during his time in office, and he blamed Arafat for failing to come to an agreement during the Camp David talks.  But with what was on offer, Arafat said:

“The Palestinian leader who will give up Jerusalem has not yet been born. I will not betray my people or the trust they have placed in me. Do not look to me to legitimize the occupation! Of course, it can continue longer, but it cannot last forever.”

Check this opinion piece by Dr. Daud Abdullah of Middle East Monitor for some insight.

More of what is being  said over at Al-Jazeera,  a meeting with israel’s Olmert and Abbas repping the Palestinians.  The israeli’s brought a map of how things should be, and they wouldn’t give the Palestinians a copy, they had to draw a copy on a napkin.

“Olmert met in mid-2008 with Mahmoud Abbas and showed him a map of the proposed swaps. Abbas was not allowed to keep a copy of the map, and so the 73-year-old Palestinian president had to sketch a copy by hand on a napkin.

Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator, described the Olmert-Abbas meeting in an interview with Al Jazeera earlier this year.

He went with the President Peres and me and… actually sat outside discussing all issues. And then the president came out of that meeting 20 or 30 minutes, and we sat with the two presidents. And the offer wasn’t made at one meeting. This was three or four meetings actually, one showed him a map, Abu Mazen had given him a map, he showed him a map and Abu Mazen had to draw with his own hands.”

Sorry but them israeli’s know no limits when it comes to humiliating the Palestinians.  It’s true man, move into their spot, bomb, shoot, maim, pulverize, deny food & water, make a joke of international law, justice and humanity, even to a point of making the leader of the opposition lick their shitty assholes by making him draw a map that represents peace on a fucking napkin.  Jesus H. Christ you lot, just fuck off.  And people think resistance movements like Hamas are ‘bad’.  When you gotta deal with such assholes as the israeli’s and their fucking sponsors, the cunts in washingtone.  No, sorry, Hamas is good, not perfect, but they ain’t soppy wet piss artists like Fatah.

We’ll see how this develops eh?

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