The legacy of Joe Strummer – Strummerville

Songwriter Helienne Lindvall wrote a piece in The Guardian about the continuation of Joe Strummer’s legacy through the charity Strummerville.

This year sees the eighth anniversary of his passing.  The charity has made rehearsal spaces available for one pound per hour, allowing young musicians access to facilities that are generally beyond their means.  They even have a tour bus available for use.  How about that?

He lived his talk.  Miss ya.

Helienne Lindvall writes…. “I once had the good fortune to meet Joe Strummer. About a decade ago on a flight to New York, I sat next to his band, the Mescaleros. I didn’t know who they were at first, but by the end of the flight we’d been playing each other our music and they’d introduced me to Strummer, who was sitting a few rows back. He asked how I was getting into the city and offered me a ride in his limo with him and his wife. He also invited me to a gig he was doing for Spin Magazine along with Run DMC the following night, with a backstage pass on top. I found him unassuming, gentle and passionate. He was incredibly generous with his time and resources – especially considering I was an unknown songwriter he’d just met. His death a year or so later came as a complete shock. See all of article here


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