Ear Con 46 – I.E.D.

Sad news via Anne Haak aka Mohak,  the passing of one half of the Argentinian Cumbia-tronic producers Fauna. Federico Rodriguez died on the weekend, last day of their current tour, I don’t think he was even thirty yet. Links to Fauna download packages via the Fauna in the tracklist below.  I was hoping to have them perform a festival next year.  We’ll be spinning some Fauna material to keep that flame burnin’.

Good to see Massive Attack are onto the Jneiro Jarel train.  He’s been roped in to remix the track Atlas Air from the Heligoland album.  The Atlas Air remix package, released to support charity War Child is available now.  Also on the freshly unwrapped goods tip, car battery energizing label Eglo come with a new platter of synth plunderings from Arp 101, and UK rapper DELS, gets the clutter off his chest with new single for Big Dada.

It’s all in there for this weeks show, the blues from John Lee Hooker, Indian film music, cumbia, beats, Afrobeat, industrial strength noise from 2nd Gen, frizzed circuitry from Ras G, and tons mo’.  That Akoyo Afrobeat track is good one to put on when a toilet break is needed during the dj set, especially when it gets rammed at Txola, which reminds me, I will be there this saturday night, manning the decks from 11pm ’til 2am.

Ear Con46 – Improvised Explosive Device

  • Intro: 2nd Gen/And,Or vs. The Beatnuts
  • Massive Attack / Atlas Air – Jneiro Jarel’s Lavender Remix (Virgin)
  • Tricky / Pondersosa – Dobie’s Rub Part 1. (Island)
  • Aurita Castillo / Chambacu
  • Mech / El Baile del Vivo (+0)
  • Fauna / Piratas del Zanjon – Frikstailers Remix – Sonido Martines presenta: Nueva Cumbia Argentina (Soot)
  • Arp 101 / Flush (Eglo)
  • Bugskull / Subterranian Life (Digitalis)
  • Vilayat Khan / The Kite Song – The River Le Fleuve (El Records)
  • Lata Mageshkar / Title Unknown
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / 1derful Beings (Ramp)
  • 2nd Gen / Slowburn featuring Mau (Mute)
  • John Lee Hooker / House of Blues (Pye)
  • Akoyo Afrobeat / B.F.B.F. Panama
  • Cannibal Ox / Pidgeon Instrumental by El-P (Def Jux)
  • DELS / Trumpalump (Big Dada /Ninja Tune)

As usual you can catch Ear Conditioning via Sunhole dot net tonight at 22h00 London/Tenerife time and Friday  with The Magic Show at eFM / Radio Sarajevo 18h00 CET

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