Ear Con 45 – The Ill Section

This is how it’s going down tonight at Sunhole 22h00 London/Tenerife time  and on Friday over at eFM/Radio Sarajevo 18h00 CET.

Kanye West, Talib Kweli and Consequence on a Q-Tip beat, Tigerstyle dholstroying it, Timeblind and a vocalist I don’t know the name of giving plenty sense to it; newness from King Midas Sound and Scientist; also fresh is Shy FX with MJ Cole on the remix duties.  I was a bit shy at first when I say MJ’s name, usually a bit soft for me, but he comes with something different for him I think, it’s got some dirty in it.

Asian Dub Foundation founder, bass analyzer, Dr. Da, Ramjack and I caught up at Womad, they are currently performing with another former Nation Record stalwart Nick Page/Count Dubulah ex. Transglobal Underground, now the engine behind Dub Colossos.  The  twelve strong Ethiopian/UK collaborative effort managed to get through onstage monitor issues to deliver a shoulder popping, guitar shredding, voice soaring, dub heavy, percussive, horn laden, jazz piano, one-stringed, well received set.  Oh yeah, heavy on the smiles of beauty too.  So yes, got a Dr. Das track in here this week.

Also fresh is another track from the new forthcoming album from dubstep pioneers Horesepower Productions.

That should work.

Tune in if yer ranking. Sunhole tonight 22h00 London/Tenerife time

Friday as part of The Magic Show / eFM Radio Sarajevo 18h00-20h00  CET

Ear Con 45 – The Ill Section

King L Man / Tribe
Kanye West/ Chain Heavy (feat. Talib Kweli & Consequence)
Tigerstyle feat. miss Rimpi / Bol! Bol! Bol! – Streamer Pilot’s Dholstep mix
Timeblind / Rastabomber
Lone / Cloud 909 (Magic Wire)
DVA / Still Born (DVA)
Nosaj Thing / Coat of Arms – Boreta Remix
King Midas Sound vs. Scientist / U Part 1 (Tectonic)
El-P / 1 Day After The Day After (Astralwerks)
Shy FX / Raver featuring Kano, Donae’o & Roses Gabor – MJ Cole Remix
Dr. Das / Free Agent (VU)
Horesepower Productions / Water (Tempa)
DJ Shadow / Def Surrounds Us (Island)
King L Man / OneThirtySix

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