Deficit Crisis – Tax the Rich

A compelling article by Greg Philo on the deficit and the UK governments plans to tackle it, which are against what the majority of people polled want.

I met Greg Philo when Fun-da-mental interviewed him for a film.  The subject at the time was the public perception of the what they call ‘the Palestine/Israel conflict.  H’s the Research Director at Glasgow University, Media Section, and the results of one of his studies showed that most teenagers in Britain where under the impression from radio, television, that it was the Palestinians that where living on stolen land, that they were the oppressors and not the victims.  He knows his field.

As for today’s issue, a one-off tax of just 20% on the wealth of the richest 10% of the country  would pay the national debt and dramatically reduce the deficit, since interest payments on the debt are a large part of government spending. So that is what should be done. This tax of 20%, graduated so the very richest paid the most, would raise £800bn.  £800bn is some serious t’ing yes.

Article is here

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