Bosnia i Herzegovina


The first time Fun-da-mental performed in Bosnia i Herzegovina was in 1997, the city of Sarajevo was a bombed out mortar scarred bullet riddled environment where people died simply because they dared be born over an imagined line, be it religion, location, associates, culture, ‘nationality’, etc.  People raped, killed, tortured former friends, neighbours.  Potential doctors, musicians, artists, teachers, drug addicts, nurses, bus drivers, fathers, mothers, grandparents, street-sweepers, millionaires, carpenters, all cut down before they had a chance to do it.  Mothers died simply because the attempted to get food or clothing.  Stepping outside of their houses, only to appear in the crosshairs of snipers in the surrounding hills would be the end for them.

Far away in safe European homes and houses of parliament, people that knew better did nothing, and left the Bosnians with nothing but prayers to defend themselves.

One can piece things, information, together and come to a conclusion that there is something definitely afoot when it comes to ‘European’ and ‘Western’ attitudes to Islam, and that is what the majority of Bosnians follow, yes Jane, they are Muslims.

On a day trip to Mostar, one of our guides when asked about the civil war, he replied, “In my opinion, it wasn’t an act of war, it was ethnic cleansing.”  The Serbs can get entry to the UK easily, Bosnians, well that’s a different story.  And it costs money.  When planning to visit friends in France, the same guide told of how his hosts would need to have 20,000€ in their bank account before our man could visit them for five days.  That buys a lot of fucking croissants no?

Naturally all the information I have, is  a fraction  of what is out there.  Therefore it is incomplete, however, Yes, I’d say that it looks as if you Muslim people are paying the price for being what you are, dating back centuries. You are being wiped out, or at least a concerted effort to push you to the edge of back where you came from.  Banning the building of minarets in Switzerland, the whole burka, veil issue in France, UK and lord knows where else is designed to drive you over the wall and to stay there, until if and when your time comes again.

Photos: Azeem Bass

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