Festival Boreal

It’s that time of year again, Festival Boreal is almost upon us. La costa de Los Silos es ‘el must’ de Tenerife.

From the initial festival, two years ago,  celebrating the unveiling of a rare complete skeleton of a whale, Boreal grew last year to accomodate 5000 people,

The two heads of the festival team have worked their nuts and tits off to get this happening, and with very little financial assistance coming through this year for cultural events, the festival was almost cancelled, but a decision has been made to go ahead, instead of throwing in the towel on all our work, so this year we are going to have to charge a little entrance fee.  We need  the people’s assistance now. Many of us here in Tenerife have grown accustomed to free government sponsored events but with many events not taking place due to lack of pennies from the government, we are fortunate to get this one rolling. Entrance fee is a measly eight euros, what you sayin’?

There will be a whole heap of things going on during the day, plus events taking place from the 13th of next month, and for all ages – workshops, discussions, re-introducing turtles to the sea, photo exhibits, yoga, batucada, plenty plenty.

More details soon

Venga ya!

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