Bolivia & US Foreign Policy in general

It’s official.

US dollar$ paid to support 1971 coup in Bolivia.
Recently released documents from the US State Dept. have acknowledged as fact that Nixon went about his business in secret, again.

The CIA proposal had its roots in a June con ver sa tion between Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, when they decided that Torres’s overtures to the Bolivian left wing had gone too far:

Kissinger: We are having a major prob lem in Bolivia, too. And—

Nixon: I got that. Con nally men tioned that. What do you want to do about that?

Kissinger: I’ve told [CIA Deputy Direc tor of Plans Thomas] Karamessines to crank up an oper a tion, post-​haste. Even the Ambas­sador there, who’s been a softy, is now saying that we must start play­ing with the mil i tary there or the thing is going to go down the drain.

Nixon: Yeah.

Kissinger: That’s due in on Monday.

Nixon: What does Karamessines think we need? A coup?

Kissinger: We’ll see what we can, whether—in what con text. They’re going to squeeze us out in another two months. They’ve already gotten rid of the Peace Corps, which is an asset, but now they want to get rid of USIA and mil i tary people. And I don’t know whether we can even think of a coup, but we have to find out what the lay of the land is there.

Read report here courtesy of digital emuntion

Is there anything that those sons of bitches don’t have their hand in?  Every day more and more evidence presents itself as to the absurdity that the majority witness and are forced to suck in silence.  Ready for the photo-op, smile. They revel in themselves, build monuments in their likeness and are revered, held in high esteem by their fellow club members and the ignorant and fooled.  Demonstrations may get loud but the words fall on deaf ears, the sound of the people doesn’t penetrate their  political walls or ears.  Blatant fuckries, from Israel to Washington, London, Lahore, Kabul, to the moon, about come back to baffle foreheads in Darfur, Bosnia.

Jesus H.

Time for soothing tune.

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