Mr. Coke & The Prime Sinister

Just getting my ears and eyes around what’s unfolding  in JA.

A friend safe in the hills has written of hearing the guns a blazing and the mortars launching down below.  Her son has missed three exams as he and his school mates are being kept indoors.  More time to be prepared for the exams son.

Hell has broke loose in Tivoli Gardens.

The wanted man is reputed drug Don / ‘community worker’  Mr. Dudus Coke, no joke.  His backer, the Prime Minister has had to offer him on a plate after the news broke that the PM paid a legal team to find all possible manner of Mr. Coke avoiding extradition to the US.

Mr. Coke lives in the constituency of the PM, and the community where Mr. Coke lives has come out to support him.

He’s a Naggo Man.


The PM is Naggo too. His attempt to smother the problem resulted in him lying lying lying to save his political batty, meanwhile

the streets are ablaze and people too, their lives turned to ashes, dispersed to the sky to fall like their hopes.

Gunmen and police lie dead, winners of the wet T-shirt contest that descended on Tivoli Gardens.

Ever since the USA fucked up JA in the seventies, all to avoid a Socialist attempt at maintaining better control of the countries

natural resources under Michael Manley’s leadership, things have never been sweet in paradise.

Is this another reason why drugs should be legal or decriminalized or possession and use not penalized?  It would sure lift many countries from the bended-knee status, slave-to-you-know-who’s whims and desires.

The Field Negro is from JA, he’s got a worthwhile view on tings.

Here is comment from the Jamaican Observer newspaper

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