Galdino 2010

Following up on the recent post regarding Galdino de Jesus Santos, a Pataxo Indian who was brutally murdered by elite sons of elite bitches in 1997, the label and activists that is/are Indigenous Resistance are releasing an EP to inform those interested, raise awareness of the situation for Pataxo and other indigenous communities in Brazil and South America in general.

The EP, ‘Galdino 2010’  features contributions from Deeder Zaman, Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound), Skip McDonald (Little Axe), Paxato Singers, Zumbi, Dr. Das, and Brendon Harding (Octave Productions).

‘Galdino 2010’ EP from iTunes at the end of the month.

I’m currently having a ginger tea/blog break, while mixing my contribition at Digital Arena studios.  Manolin is on mix duties, and Arka Medina (ex-Tropico28) on guitar.

More as it happens.

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