Haiti – Clinton Bush Fund

If you knew anything about Haiti, you would touch these guys with a barge pole.

There  must be better organizations, such as Partners in Health,  that can do real work in Haiti instead of giving it to the face that is Bill Clinton and that other whatless son of a bitch that is George W. Bush.

When the people of Haiti elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide after years of deceit, murder and theft of the Duvalier regime,  he was then overthrown in a US-backed  coup.  Clinton was in the man that ‘returned’  Aristide to power, although with watered down powers that favoured the international business community.  A country that once produced and exported rice soon had to import rice to feed it’s population.

The country once produced concrete just imports it now, and it’s bagged in there. You know that some company is gonna make a ton of money from the reconstruction of Port au Prince, and that company ain’t gonna be Haitian public company.

See the latest piece by Naomi Klein written for The Nation, which also includes a link to an edition of the Al-Jazeera English program Fault Lines, hosted by her partner, Avi Lewis.  He speaks with people that have the ideas on how to rebuild their country.

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