MP Freeze – Musicblogocide

What da fuck happened over at Blogger this week, with the wholesale deletion of many a music blog?

Even though I don’t post mp3’s on this blog, I had become aware of their neandrathol mentality and taking down music blogs that they felt fell foul of the ‘terms of agreement’  or whatever, and that is what prompted me to move the Ear Conditioning blog here to WordPress.  Eventually I will set everything up at, I’ma just waiting for the logo to be finished.

Anyway, one of the affected blogs was Masala, and their man, who I think is Poirier’s manager, sends out mp3’s of his artists to dj’s/producers/bloggers etc.  He does this in the knowledge that these people are music lovers and those that follow their blogs are of the same ilk, and step out to seek the music they are hearing and reading about.

Read Masala’s blog re: the musicblogocide

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