Haiti – Feeling the pain

Two articles looking at how Haiti has been treated throughout the years and the consequences of those actions.

The first is from  John Maxwell of the Jamaican Observer, and the second by Seamus Milne of the Guardian.

The theme seems to be that Haiti, the worlds oldest black republic will not be allowed to progress for the simple reason they defeated their oppressors, being the French back in the day, and that cannot be allowed to happen.  Ain’t no way a country of field negros are gonna bet the better of the man.  It ain’t gonna happen.

I was appalled by Obama appointing Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to head the fund-raising force to ‘assist Haiti’. Don’t you know history dude?  Oh he does know history, he ain’t stupid, and he fooled all those that voted for him.  Clinton was the one that helped dilute the aspirations of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his people in the ’90’s.  So how is he gonna help Haiti now?  Fucksakes, Obama, you’ve sealed it now mate.  C-U-N-T.

Hey Kanye, I don’t think Obama cares about black people either.

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