Haircut 100

Shit is hitting the fan in Spain, (and maybe it’s colonies) over the SGAE, the Spanish music composers authority, has demanded hairdressers/beauty salons pay between six and twelve euros a month for the right to play music on their premises. See here for the story.  Where  I come from the PRS does the same thing, that’s normal.  For a beauty salon/hairdressers, that works out to about 19 pence a day.

Spanish hairdressers are up in arms, in some places advising their customers to come with their ipod / mpfree players. Six to twelve euros a month doesn’t exactly seem to break the bank.  SGAE are charging about the same as the PRS.

I don’t agree with SGAE on everything, such as the ‘canon’ which they introduced a few years back.  This ‘canon’ means a levy on every blank CD sold.  As they say your are going to be copying something.   Well yeah i will be copying things to cd, like my own music, or music that I have bought already.

Back to the issue at hand, people here don’t want to pay for anything.  They don’t wanna pay for getting into a club, they don’t want to pay for drinks, hence the ‘botellon’ culture, buy cheap liquor/alcohol from a shop and congregate   outside the place where a music event is  happening.  Listen to the music with your drink in hand, without paying the entrance fee.  They pay stupid money for clothes, 98€ for a hoody or skirt, 200€ for a pair of jeans, but scoff at paying 5€ to get into a club to listen to some music and shake yer butt.

Which in turn leads me to why dj’s/musicians here not getting decent pay for decent work. The vast majority have day jobs, and are willing to accept 30-40 euros for a set in the evening.  If you buy records or try to make a living with your music, your fucked.  If you download tunes for nothing, then 30-40 euros for playing yer free tunes alongside your weekly wage as a civil servant is great, cool, mega chachi! Then you get dj’s who say “We dj’s should form a union, and not play for less than 200 euros!”  I’m with them on that, but then they become promoters and offer 100 euros to play at their party. Sit on it!

See here for some prices to get your hair done when in Spain.

3 thoughts on “Haircut 100

  1. Hello!

    I agree with you that Spaniards spend a lot of money on clothes and hair-dos and that DJs (and other cultural agents) are underpaid in Spain. But I really don’t see the relationship between this and the canon we have to pay because of the SGAE organization. It’s not difficult to see that if you have to pay taxes to an organization when you buy any gadget, support or material that “can be copied” and/or “can be used for copying”, it is:

    1 – Criminalizing, supposing the consumer is a going to make an illegal use of what you sell to him/her, which encourages him/her to use it in an illegal way (“because anyway, I paid for it”).

    2 – Profitable, specially for an organization that doesn’t even represents all artists / musicians / etc in Spain a.k.a selling you all the tech to copy and making double profit even if you make a fair use of it.

    This is not a call for open piracy, but rather a complain from a creative that doesn’t know why he has to pay a canon when he wants to back-up his own pictures and stuff. No offence ment.


  2. Hello Teknad, I was just pointing out that I do not agree with all of SGAE’s policies such as the canon, which makes you pay extra for making copies of your own music. No offence taken.

  3. Yes, I’ve read your article one more time and I think that we doesn’t disagree so much.

    By the way, La Laguna is something like Peluquería-Town, I’ve never seen so many hairdressers per m3 in such a small place. All of them super-expensive, so I think that’s a strong point.

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