S.O.S. – Same old (Bull)Shit

Before I got involved with Famille Bou Bess, the Senegal-born trio of rappers that are based here in Tenerife, I was always saying that the local politicians and their media lap-dogs, such as El Dia, were always talking about immigrants, while immigrants never had a platform to speak for themselves.

With Famille Bou Bess, I thought, okay, now we have the opportunity.

We had a gig last Monday at the centre where they hold under-age immigrants. It’s an old military barracks in the forest outside the town of La Esperanza, the coldest motherfucking place in Tenerife.  It’s so cold that back in the day they created an ankle-length cape to protect themselves from the bitter wind and cold. The ass-wipe that fronts as a  newspaper, El Dia was there, covering the gig, and what do you know, they spoke with the director of the centre, the manager of the band, and Susi, who is working with Musica Solidaria, a percussion group made up of youths from the centre, but what irks me is that they couldn’t muster the effort to get the opinions of or talk with Famille Bou Bess, who know a bit about the hardships of living in Senegal, the precarious journey to the Canaries, living in an open-prison type institution, and having to deal with racism and ignorance at an early age.

It makes me think that everything has to be from a ‘Eurpoean/white’ perspective, even issues that are profoundly affecting Africa, Africans etc. The recent news coverage of the ‘Somali pirates’ is a case in point.  One reason I side with the Somalians is that European ships have been raiding the Somalian waters of fish,  dumping toxic and non-toxic waste there, and the Somalians have taken matters into their own hands.  When Spanish fishermen were recently taken captive, people here and in the Spanish mainland had an opinion.  Does an opinion count when you don’t know the facts?

In a couple interviews for Famille Bou Bess, I’ve tried to make a point about European trawlers cleaning out the West African coast of fish, as this is affecting people in Senegal and Mali.  This information has never been relayed in any interview, not for the BBC Mundo website, La Opinion newspaper, or the EFE news agency story which went all around Spain.  They have no interest in the real deal, only to satisfy their agenda and ego.  I spent too fucking long doing an interview via email with the BBC, trying to explain the complexities of the Senegal/Canary Island situation only for them to print what they want, avoiding the in-depth situation I was trying to bring a light on, since it never happens with the media here.  What a fool me.

Makes one wanna say fuck ’em all really.

Today’s El Dia story here

I Love Somalian Pirates.

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