Gracias para tus orejas / Thanks for yer ears

The season of giving is upon us, so some of the selections that comprise today’s program are just that, gifts from others that I’m just passing on, such as the 10 years of Flying Lotus mixed by Gaslamp Killer; also in the pot, tracks from Obba Supa, Soundspecies featuring Ahu. The curtain comes down with Red Label No.1, from a forthcoming  EP from King L Man.

This edition of Ear Conditioning will be broadcast at Sunhole Radio tonight at 22h00, and next week Tuesday at Radio Norte, 89.4FM, 21h00.

Much thanks to the producers, musicians, DJ’s, commentators, singers, players, promoters and the public that have made 2009 what is was.

Also much thanks to Goyo/Sunhole; Leo at Radio Norte, Juan Fierro at Planet Radio  for giving me the opportunity to do it on the regular.

Can we have some more please for 2010?

4 thoughts on “Gracias para tus orejas / Thanks for yer ears

  1. Thanks to you for discover so many awesome artists and for your friendship! We want more Dave for the upcomming years!!! (yes, that’s an invitation to do some live shows on the station :)).

    Have a great one tomorrow and see ya next week!.

    Thanks for conditioning my ear ;).

  2. for 2009 this was the blog that i discovered the most things that i ended up relaying onto friends and allies…wikid work! plis keep it up for 2010!!!!!!

  3. i found this great quote about obama on the blog ..field negro in its comments section
    since i found this blo as a result of ear conitioning i thought it appropiate i share it here

    ,” I leave you with two quotes from our uncompromising sister, Marimba Ani (aka Dr. Donna Richards) who asks: “Is this the final act of assimilation, accommodation, and integration? Is this how we are fulfilling our promise to the Ancestors? Has America made restitution for what was done to them, still being done to us? Is the Maafa over or has it merely morphed into another, more insidious form of genocide? Are we now experiencing a life-threatening condition of cultural AIDS in which our immune system has turned on itself? Has the Yurugu virus mutated so that it looks like us? Are we participating in our own self-destruction?”

    She then asserts (problematizing, of course), “. . . now we are “making history” by being swept up in someone else’s definition of what history is. We are “making history,” by capitulating to integration, accommodation, and assimilation. We have reached the mountain top, for we have been able to vote for a “first to.” The struggle is over. We have won. We can proudly say that one of our people represents the most repressive, destructive, inhumane, anti-Afrikan nation ever to have existed! We are proud to be part of a multinational corporate structure run by sociopathic adolescents who think nothing of stealing from their own people (Imagine what they will do to us).”

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