Hope fading fast…

Over at Dutty Artz they have a recent post with the above picture, so I checked the link to The World’s Got Problems, and the T-shirt represents how Obama has continued practices of his predecessor….ouch!

  • consolidates a multi-tiered “state always wins” system of justice
  • continues to assert a radical version of the “state secrets” privelidge
  • nominates a pesticide pushing lobbyist to a top agriculture post, breaking once again his campaign promise not to hire lobbyists
  • nominates Bush’s final spokesliar, Dana Perino, to the Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • breaks his promise to close Guantanamo prison within a year, even as people long known to be innocent still languish there – not to mention an expasion of that other Guantanamo at Bagram Air Base
  • protects torturers from accountability
  • and contemplates a massive escalation in Afghanistan

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