Stroke it baby

by jimmy akin
by jimmy akin

Humility | (h)yoōˈmilitē|
a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.

“My version is better than theirs.” He said to me.  I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.

He was talking about his version of a song by a ground breaking group from the UK, a group that practically invented a genre, now I got somebody telling me this shit.  Man, I tried several times to listen to this ‘version’ but no, not at all.  You fucked up one of my all time favourite songs. I should have given you back the cd, but I broke it in disgust, and for breaking it I apologize.  Your an independent artist and spent time, sweat, effort, money creating your masterpiece.  I should have simply returned it to you and you coulda sold it, and made a few pennies.

Fuck sakes man, take two pills of humility, three times an hour, everyday for six years then come back to me.

There are some things you keep to yourself.  Don’t open your mouth about, keep in your head, it’s safer that way,  the person on the end of your words won’t realize your a self-centered asshole.  Maybe on the other hand it’s better you blab out loud, so we know you are a self-centered  asshole from the off.

Had a discussion recently about the attitudes of some artists in this neighbourhood. Some people that ain’t seen shit, but talk it like through a megaphone.  Is it an ‘island-mentality’ thing?  I need to know, Billy, help me out.  I really ain’t come here to play God, the big man from London who knows everything, that’s for others to do, but hey zeus, sometimes you have to call it as you see it, regardless where ya come from.

After Public Enemy played here a couple years ago, a forum was hit with…“Why did they (the promoters and the financially assisting council) pay all that money for Public Enemy?  There are twenty groups here better than them.”

Well, I’m still waiting to see one of the twenty, just one would be sufficient bigmouth.

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