Scalper – Flesh & Bones


When I first heard that a London-based rapper of Pakistani origin was producing/performing under the name Made in Britain, I was intrigued.   Using the same name as the  film starring Tim Roth was quite some lateral thinking. I didn’t have to look to far for him, as he became a frontman for Fun-da-mental during our Erotic Terrorism phase.

Scalper (aka Made in Britain) is now based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, and is dropping his debut album Flesh & Bones early 2010.

My man has been working hard.

There will be a single featuring the guitar chilling supa cris’ beat of Zero, with it’s reference to Public Enemy. On the flip will be Black Glory.  I only just got the tracks an hour ago, and they are my rewind champions of the week.  The vocals are produced in a manner that they seep into your skull box and re-wire the nerve endings.  Sounds like fun huh?!

His tracks are also available here

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