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I may have written this before, and if so, I apologize, however where ever we (as in Fun-da-mental) have been this year, we are always asked for our opinion about Barak Obama.  Maybe it’s because we, along with millions of others were so dismayed, among other things with the previous President of the Free World, that Obama had the wishes of those same millions in his hands.  In recent months, I always answered the Obama question with what I perceived to be his lack of action regarding the recent coup in Honduras.  It has been pointed out that the US ambassador in Honduras during this coup was the same ambassador that was in Venezuela when the attempted coup took place there back in 2002.  Therefore the ‘change’ that we have come to expect with the new administration has not really come to fruition.  Yes of course, it’s early days and man can’t do everything within the blink of an eye, but Jesus H. Christ man!  Yesterday I saw an interview that Obama did and he was asked about the situation in Honduras, and he said that he hoped that the elected president of Honduras be returned to office sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately CNN for some reason seem to have buried this interview from the majority of their viewers. In an interview with the exiled president, Zelaya,the CNN interviewer took the view that he, Zelaya, was against the rule of law, and that Zelaya should bend over backwards to appease those that moved him from office.  As usual, things are never as clear as they seem, and CNN and other media groups seem to be doing the work of the elite while pretending to be giving a fair and balanced report of the goings-on.

Bill Maher said recently, and it pained him to say so, that he wished Obama was a bit more like his predecessor, G.W. Bush, for the simple reason that Bush did what ever he wanted to, even bypassing Congress to get his way, and no one really batted an eye.  Obama on the other hand is playing too safe, trying to appease even those that can’t stand him. Fuck them Obama, and do what you know is right, unless of course your pretending to implenting the change you promised.

The video below contains youth, passion, committment.  If you have something against either of those three, turn elsewhere now.

As for the program, well lined up for this week, more from the new ep of Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program; Martyn’s remix of Efdemin; Rodrigo y Gabriela with a track from their new album 11:11; The Canaries favourite son that is El Guincho returns with his Antillas track remixed; We kick things off with Silence by Portishead.

  • Portishead / Silence (Go Beat/Island)
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela / Orion
  • Four Tet & Burial / Moth  (Fat Cat)
  • Poirier featuring Face T / Enemies (Ninja Tune)
  • El Guincho / Antillas Prins Thomas Diskomiks (Young Turks/XL)
  • Bob Holyrod / Rafiki (Hi Life Mix)
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / 1derful Beings
  • Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / Lisa Bonet
  • Speed Camera Shy / Blindspot by the Lighthouse – Hashashan remix
  • Oscar David Montesinos – Nińo contra golpe de estado
  • Efdemin / Acid Bells Martyn Remix

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6 thoughts on “Ear Conditioning / The Coup

  1. It wasn’t a coup. Zelaya tried to initiate a referendum to allow him another term (and it turned out he planned to rig the results). That goes against the Honduras constitution and the Supreme Court ended up ordering the military to arrest him and removed him from office, per their constitution. The thing that went wrong was the military, outside of their authority, exiled him. However, the military did not take power and a new president was installed according to the constitution. It was not a coup and President Obama and the state department screwed up in calling it a coup, punishing Honduras, and supporting this stooge of Hugo Chavez.

    I’m all for youth, passion, and commitment, but passion and commitment for the right things- not this jackass.

    1. Dear Nuke Riding Cowboy,
      It wasn’t a coup, eh?
      Where exactly do you get your information?
      Zelaya was asking the people if they wanted a referendum that would allow amendments to the constitution. He only had seven months left in power and that would not have given him time to do as you say. From what I have seen and read, the amendments were to give THE PEOPLE more say.
      For further info check this link to the Real News Network.


  2. Here’s a good overview right here with a more detailed explanation: http://www.forbes.com/2009/07/09/zelaya-president-constitution-opinions-contributors-honduras-coup.html

    Several years ago, the people decided to amend the constitution to not allow even an option of extending a presidency because of a history of abuse by past leaders. Problems like voter fraud probably explain why they would choose to take that option off the table: http://babalublog.com/2009/07/a-page-out-of-the-chavez-leftist-in-other-words-playbook/

    Besides, this guy isn’t exactly mentally stable: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/5min/story/1248828.html

    1. I didn’t see the reference to Hugo Chavez in the previous post until I re-read it. Your position is undeniably obvious on this whole scenario.
      So what did you think of the Real News Network stories?
      Keep riding the nukes.

  3. Is there any particular story you want me to see? I don’t have time to watch all of them. I watched the first one which pretty much brushed away the fact that even proposing a referendum or constitutional amendment to allow reelection in Honduras is illegal and grounds for removal from office.

    I am opposed to Hugo Chavez because I’m opposed to socialism. I suppose I could be labeled a classical liberal. Socialism sounds great and even works fine in small societies no larger than just a handful of people. In vastly complex societies with millions of people, it is an utter disaster every time it’s attempted. Resources are allocated inefficiently because a central planning commission cannot possibly acquire and utilize the vast amounts of knowledge required to do so efficiently. Human rights inevitably get trampled on because of the vast amounts of power concentrated in just a few hands and the inherent corruptibility of men.

    1. You wrote: Human rights inevitably get trampled on because of the vast amounts of power concentrated in just a few hands and the inherent corruptibility of men.

      This sounds like capitalism to me too. Sounds great, but in a vastly complex society?

      Which fellow countryman of yours was it that basically said in the ’40’s that ‘there is no place for human rights’? It’s a sham, otherwise the US would not have invaded, meddled in, played a part in disturbances, backed contra-democratic aims in Honduras, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Venezuela, Cuba, Philippines, Bolivia, East Timor, Iran, Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Mexico, Syria, Vietnam, Egypt, Haiti, Cambodia, El Salvador. Shall I continue? Human rights come a distant second to business, so called democracy.

      We have the luxury of voting, but who gets to meet with ‘our’ representatives?
      Business men, capitalists, not us really.

      Before Chavez the power in Venezuela was concentrated within a minority of the population. He is the first indigenous person to be in charge of the country, and he’s spending money on the majority of the country, not the rich. It’s the rich, ultra-capitalists that want him out. The countries resources are used to fund social programs for the forgotten. People are seeing doctors for the first time in their lives, in many cases, senior citizens.

      Even in your country, look at the current debate regarding the plans for revamping the health care system. Who is against it, and how are they going about their business? Six lobbyists for every congressman, plying their trade on behalf of the health-care industry. The country that gave us ‘diet this, diet that, lo-fat blah blah, has the highest rate of obesity. The richest country (?) in the world has one of the poorest records regarding access to health care in the world. Is it because of socialism or capitalism?

      Zelaya comes from a wealthy and privileged background, he was elected on a right-wing, business / capitalist platform however during his term he veered left. What exactly led to his conversion I cannot say, however the people that want him out are the people that feel they have the most to lose, his former associates, while the opponents, the ones backing the democratically elected president, once again are the majority of the country.

      The first (top one) Real News story explains how the coup leaders are the owners of the private radio and tv stations, and they are trying to keep the population in the dark. They are corrupt. People are being offered $20 to go to a demonstration they no nothing about. “Just put on this ‘pro-democracy’ t-shirt, and chant what we tell you to chant.” By whom are they directed to carry out such actions? By the corrupters.

      Democracy looked good when it was explained to me in high school, but that was a long time ago, I’ve seen how it works. Democracy should have enough faith in itself to allow other places / countries / states / cities / villages etc. to engage in a system that they feel works for them, and vice versa. However the democracy / capitalism that we see has more behind it than meets the eye. It has depended on the abuse of millions, killing of millions, the subserviance of millions to achieve it’s aims. In cahoots with dictators around the world the system you admire is maintaining control over resources as if they were under your feet, yet they are thousands of miles away.

      Even closer to home, with Cuba, the US is still smarting from getting kicked out 50 years ago. Sure, hit me with something about Fidel. I’ve heard it.
      I can’t even go to the US because once went to Cuba. How juvenile is that?
      For the first time in 500 years Cuba is not controlled by a foreign power. For the first time in half a millennium, Cuba is run by someone of Cuban stock, not controlled by a foreign power. Even if you disagree with Cuba’s socialism, you gotta say at the end of the day, “Yeah, if it was me, I’d wanna get rid of this thing that’s been on my back for 500 years. I’ve got a brain, two legs, and two arms, let me use them for my own use.”

      The financial crisis that hit last year was rooted in what? Predatory business practices, ie. sub-prime loans, deregulation of the financial and banking sectors which was championed back in the 80’s by Regean and Thatcher. They deserve nothing more than the fiercest kicking in the bollocks.

      Revel in your opposition to socialism, fine, all good, seriously, I got no problem with that, it’s just the myopic vision of a certain strand of people that gets under my skin. Very few of the countries attacked, invaded, etc. have ever laid a finger against the USA, however under the banner of freedom and democracy the USA has committed grave crimes against humanity the world over.

      I also hold my country of birth, the UK, has an accomplice to many of the same injustices and to their own.

      Democracy, pfft!!!

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